Wednesday, January 07, 2009

trippin' to vegas

My brother Chris and I took to the road for a New Years visit with my parents.
Look how Brit has grown. A barrel full of energy that keeps my parents on their toes.

It was cold in Las Vegas. The sunsets from my parents backyard were outstanding.
My Dad's daily ritual of feeding the swans and ducks...A couple games of Bingo...I so suck at Bingo...

Chris and I got a bee in our bonnets to paint my parents kitchen cupboards black...they needed sprucing up, and looked so cool when we were done. Nothing like paint to make a quick difference.


It's always fun to visit Mom and Dad, and great to see them as they couldn't make it into LA at Christmastime.


"Can you hear me now? New '24' season starts January 11th"
"We hear ya Jack...loud and clear"


Anonymous said...

l always getting a bee in my bonnet to paint something. It really is fun. Brit is very photogenic. I never saw a dog that photogenic before. Neat sunset.

Captainsnaps said...

So happy to see your parents are ok! Glad you guys had a nice visit. The dog got so big! Nice hat too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
Being new to this, I've done some exploring through these amazing art sites on your blog. Wow, the human mind is incredible. To get to the pt. however, I can't help but think you and your friends would love an all women artists gathering we have here in our town, the end of March. They are all western artists in all different medium and styles. They offer workshops surrounding the event. You have to keep your eye on the local paper. The energy and experience being with these fantastic artists is very motivating, inspiring, uplifting, etc. Need I go on. There are great places to stay. Rancho de los Caballeros being the best. The scenery here is beautiful and it's a perfect time of year, great for photography. We've had lots of rain so the wild flowers should be fantastic. AND we are just down the road from Vegas (well, 3 hrs) so you could throw a visit in to your folks on the way home :) I feel like I'm doing a sell job, but really you all would love a fun time, with women artists in my truly western town of Wickenburg. Below are some links.... check it out.
And NO I'm not with the Chamber, just love my town, people and this art group.

Tiglizzyclone said...

I am glad you have your parents to enjoy. I still have my mom to enjoy. She turned 90 last year.

Judy said...

Love the black cupboards! Beautiful sunset picture! We have great sunsets here in the Phoenix area! Bingo is great fun! Last cruise we took, we played Bingo every afternoon and I walked off that cruise ship with over $800 in winnings for the entire trip! Loved it! The other players hated to see me come in! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! So sweet!

ann h said...

I'm glad your parents are ok.They are so blessed to have a daughter like you.The pictures are really cute.I know they are enjoying that precious little puppy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Cartwright, Your parents, even from just pictures, seem so loveable. They must REALLY love you to let your and your brother paint their cabinets black. "Nothing is greater than a mother's love"

Fran said...

What a wonderful way to bring in the new year with your parents. Yes, Vegas was cold and we do have wonderful beautiful sunsets. You should have seen the moon last night. It was beautiful.

Your creations are wonderful. I enjoying looking at everything you create.

Erika Tysse said...

i want to see a pic of the finished cabinets?

TotalD said...

Don't feel bad, I suck at bingo too. Gosh , it seems like my sister Elizabeth and I played bingo forever when we were kids. You know, you had those same transparent chip things only red and blue . I think I may have swallowed one or two on the way to puberty.

By the way , I have to say , the black cupboards are AWESOMENESS !!!!!!! What a difference, totally striking. I don't know if you had to talk them into it ? They must be incredibly pleased now ( my mom fought every change we made like it was the end of the world then days afterwards would act pleased like she had done it herself ) Chris and Brit are adorable as are you parents.

Amanda A. Brooks said...

Love the black cupboards. Your mom and dad are so adorable! As is their dog.

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Amanda A. Brooks said...

How was 24?