Tuesday, February 13, 2007

black & white

Some pictures from the 4260 Black and White Photographers Guild exhibit.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

group diversity

This weekend I attended a party called "Woman of Passion". Jenny Doh (from Stampington & Co.) brought together a group of artists and friends to celebrate her 40th birthday. There was good company, good food and many toasts that made this night a memorable occasion.

The days are a blur as we prepare for our big debut exhibit of the 4260 Black and White Photographers Guild. The opening will be at A Studio Gallery on February 11. The website I've created is not finished yet, but I am determined to have it up and running by the 11th. The Guild is comprised of a group of photographers that love black and white photography. It is amazing to see the magnificent photographs that these artists produce and work from the 22 Founding and Charter member photographers will be on display. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse photography can be. It's going to be an exciting evening and it will be here before we know it. If you are in the area, drop by for a visit. Open House is 5-7 on Sunday February 11th. Go to this link to read more about our brand new Guild for black and white photography. http://valleynews.com/StudioCity/Events/Art-Events/Event~179027.aspx

Friday, February 02, 2007

cha cha cha

We stole away from our hubbys on Sunday morning and spent the day at the beach to get rested up for our CHA experience. Thanks to the crisp weather and the cottage by the sea (thanks M+P), Carol (CW Slade)and I were able to unwind. Carol is getting ready for her next exhibit...and I have been trying to outrun the deadlines on the new book "Mixed Emulsions." Just having that day off felt like we were on a real vacation...like we had been away for a week. Talk about recharging your batteries.

The next morning it was up early and off to Anaheim. It reminded me of my Rubber Boots days. For 23 years I attended the LA Gift show twice a year to try and find new and extraordinary items to stock the shelves. CW was having a blast playing with Golden Paints newest products...(Carol is an amazing artist...and always has been...I've known Carol (CW) since we were 15 and art has always been her life...check out her site http://www.cwslade.com

Lovely Claudine Hellmuth and special Bernie Berlin dropped by the Stampington booth where I was signing my artist papers. I made some of the trading cards that are in Bernie's new book "Artist Trading Card Workshop:Create, Collect, Swap." Bernie does the most work with dogs and cats. It is definetly a calling for her, and the animals are fortunate to have such an advocate.

I've always loved Michael deMeng's art. He has a brand new book about to hit the shelves and I can't wait to see it.
Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects into Art"

Sandra Evertson came by the Stampington booth and introduced herself. It was great to meet her too.

It was wonderful to meet my editor Mary Ann and all the good folks at Quarry.
Everyone at Rockport / Quarry Publishing said they are very excited about Sarah and my new book "In This House" and so are we. That will be available in July 2007.
You can pre-order it by clicking on the Amazon link at the side of my blog page here if you so desire.

Sarah Fishburn's Blog http://ragtagsf.blogspot.com

I also stopped in and spoke to the folks at Ranger and met that group of nice people. And the booth at Stampington & Co was humming. All in all it was a fun packed day and an exhausting adventure.

I see the links are not working on this blog I'm posting, so I've written them in. Blogger has been acting goofy lately. They have a new system and they are trying to get everyone to convert over. I just have not had the time to do it yet...in case there are glitches when I do I need to allot some time to be able to fix them. But everything is not working correctly on the old Blogger system anymore.
I will be doing the conversion to their new updated version soon...Wish me luck...I hope I don't lose everything.
Oh my gosh look at the time...gotta go!