Sunday, December 31, 2006

i wish...

Several years ago a friend of mine gave our family a 'wish box'...and a new tradition was born. At the end of the year my family gets together and we pull out the box which holds the wishes we dreamed of the year before. Then we lament, and dream of what we want to wish for in the new year ahead. We write it down, date it and place it in the silver box, not to be looked upon until that year comes to a close. It is truly amazing how many of these wishes come true.

I hope you make some wishes to be fulfilled in 2007...write them down and put them somewhere special. Wishes and dreams can't come true unless you are very clear about them.
May all your wishes come true...
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 25, 2006

i'm dreaming of a white christmas...

Doesn't look like that is going to happen here in LA...but the turkey is cookin', the plum pudding is baking, the carols are playing, family is gathered with antiscipation for our feast...and present opening...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

it's beginning to look alot like christmas...

Well the packages are sent, the garland is up, the tree is decorated,the carols are playing, the holiday cards are hanging...I love the smell of Christmas...the wood in the fireplace, the smell of pine and fresh crisp air. The lights up around the house inside and out is one of my favcrite things. We are not buried in snow, (like some people I know), but the feeling of the holidays is hanging in the air just the same.

A mosiac of 2006...(No Becca is not a Playboy Bunny, but worked as a story editor on "Girls Next Door")I love putting these mosaics together every year to capture the memories and moments of the year.

Well, there are presents to wrap...and more chapters for my book to write...I do not see a break ahead till my parents arrive...with bells on, ready for Christmas Day!
I hope you are all enjoying the season, refusing to get stressed out and just spreading good cheer.
Now where did Coco go...?

Friday, December 15, 2006

tree decorations

Peyton and Coco lounge while we decorate the Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

being crafty

Whew what a week...

I got an email from Alison Lee at CraftCast who told me the interview we did a couple of weeks ago is up and running on her site.
Give it a listen when you get a chance.

Bernie Berlin's new book "Artist Tading Card Workshop . create, collect, swap" just arrived in the mail today. It was great to see the pieces I had made for the book sitting there in living color. This is a great book to purchase if you like ATC's or just some cool art. There are also some great techniques included that are sure to inspire you.

It's been a busy week. Sprinkled along with making art and writing my book, using my left brain then my right brain, I've had a break here and there, though not nearly enough of them.
Our annual Mah Jongg Christmas with the gals was a day at Mare's lovely beach cottage.I could have used a week there it was so beautiful on the island.

Today I did an interview with Bill Mumy for a documentary project called "In Search of Black and White." They asked us questions about what it was like to be in television in those early years when TV was black and white. It was good to see my ole friend Bill once again, who brought along his lovely daughter in 7th did that happen?

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Peter Boyle. He played my father in "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure." He had a pretty gruff and tuff exterior...and I can't really say I warmed up to him. He was a very professional actor who made lots of people laugh on 'Everybody Loves Raymond.".

So,I'm taking each day as it comes, trying to enjoy all the Christmasy things...though my house is in limbo between kinda decorated but not yet done zone.
I try to put up a decoration every time I pass by the living room...
Can't wait to get our tree...maybe tomorrow I can steal myself away to pick one up. I always love how it fills the house with the yuletide smells of the season. There is no chance of snow in LA...It was 80 today I think.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

on giving...

One thing that is important to me is making time. Even when I feel I have no time to give,I remind is short, make the time, and all works out. The beginning of this week I made time to be with my friends... I sorely needed the break, and I have returned more focused and able to get on with the multitude of things I need to get done by the end of this month. Life is short...and there is no better tonic than a healthy dose of laughter and fun! So off I went with three of my friends to get in the holiday spirit...see the lights of the holidays, play a few games, laugh, talk, eat, partake of holiday cheer and be merry. It was refreshing. I took this picture of Christy, Karen and Simone with a self timer from the roof of a car just before we left Balboa Island after a couple of days of fun. We have been friends for almost 25 years...some friendships are golden.
We look a bit tired, but invigorated.

The art of giving is tricky business...The most joy comes when you find that perfect item you know the receiver will love...there should be no dollar value on gifts that we give...instead gifts should come from the heart.

some pearls of wisdom...
The flow of life is nothing other than the harmonious interaction of all the elements and forces that structure the field of existence. This harmonious interaction of elements and forces in your life operates as the Law of Giving. Because your body and your mind and the universe are in constant and dynamic exchange, stopping the circulation of energy is like stopping the flow of blood. Whenever blood stops flowing it begins to clot, to coagulate, to stagnate. That is why you must give and receive in order to keep wealth and affluence-or anything you want in your life-
circulating in your life.
The more you give, the more you will receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. In fact, anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given. That which doesn't multiply through giving is neither worth giving nor worth receiving. If, through the act of giving, you feel you have lost something, then the gift is not truly given and will not cause increase. If you give grudgingly, there is no energy behind that giving. It is the intention behind your giving and receiving that is the most important thing.
Practicing this concept is actually very simple: if you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, learn to give love; if you want attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation; if you want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent. Even the thought of giving, the thought of blessing, or a simple prayer has the power to affect others.

Deepak Chopra

I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the season...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

the story of the day:

The plumber was digging around in the pipes & he saw something shine in the muck & it turned out to be the soul of the last tenant. He gave it to me & I said I wonder how we can return it & he shrugged & said he found stuff like that all the time. You'd be amazed what people lose, he said.
Brian Andreas

Friday, December 01, 2006

lomo heaven 2007

Things have been wildly busy. We had our annual Lomography Exhibit "Lomo Heaven 2007" on Sunday, November 26. It always amazes me what can be done with a toy camera. This Lomography exhibit has shots taken with fisheye lenses, double exposures, sepia, a Clack camera and even Spy cameras. There were 61 photos framed 16x20 by a variety of artists. Each framed photograph sells for $100.00. It's a great gift right before the holidays. The show will go through February 2007. If you live in the area, and love lomography, drop on by the gallery.
A Studio Gallery 4260 Lankershim Blvd. Studio City, California 91602.
We often have exhibits where photographers from out of town can participate, this is one of them. The Large Show of small images" is another one. It will be coming up in July of 2007. You can find out more information on the website
"Bakery" is one of the photos I took at the old Farmers Market in Hollywood with my fisheye lens and Holga camera.

"Nuthouse" was taken as a double exposure.


"Perspective" and the rest of them I hand colored with markers.

I got my first taste of Holiday shopping this afternoon. Christmas music, crowds and bags...Gotta much to do.

Coco Celini hangs out with the little people.