Friday, December 01, 2006

lomo heaven 2007

Things have been wildly busy. We had our annual Lomography Exhibit "Lomo Heaven 2007" on Sunday, November 26. It always amazes me what can be done with a toy camera. This Lomography exhibit has shots taken with fisheye lenses, double exposures, sepia, a Clack camera and even Spy cameras. There were 61 photos framed 16x20 by a variety of artists. Each framed photograph sells for $100.00. It's a great gift right before the holidays. The show will go through February 2007. If you live in the area, and love lomography, drop on by the gallery.
A Studio Gallery 4260 Lankershim Blvd. Studio City, California 91602.
We often have exhibits where photographers from out of town can participate, this is one of them. The Large Show of small images" is another one. It will be coming up in July of 2007. You can find out more information on the website
"Bakery" is one of the photos I took at the old Farmers Market in Hollywood with my fisheye lens and Holga camera.

"Nuthouse" was taken as a double exposure.


"Perspective" and the rest of them I hand colored with markers.

I got my first taste of Holiday shopping this afternoon. Christmas music, crowds and bags...Gotta much to do.

Coco Celini hangs out with the little people.


Anonymous said...

Great Lomography photos!

I'm glad to see that Coco Cellini survived Thanksgiving and wasn't served stuffed with Coco Krispies (lol). At Yahoo I just came across this photo ad for e-cards. Hey, doesn't that look a lot like ac's Coco Cellini? Could Coco (Choco?) Cellini and this Chococat be one in the same (despite the different colored collar which could just be a sneaky disguise)? Oh my! (lol)


Joyce said...

Love your lomography. I seem to get some of my best shots with that silly little plastic camera. I'm heading to Riverside, Ca. for the month of March to photograph my niece's wedding, hopefully I'll get a chance to visit your gallery again. I believe it's the Black & White Society show. Looking forward to it and escaping all the snow.

Amanda A. Brooks said...

coco cellini decided not to brave the shopping crowd? :) chicken!!!!
p.s. saw the best film today-BOBBY.

Captainsnaps said...

Love the black cat! CUTE!

Nick Detaranto