Wednesday, March 28, 2012

taking the pulse...

Have you seen the new book The Pulse Of Mixed Media? 
Do you know what it's about?
Author Seth Apter invited me to be part of his first book and here is what it's all about...

If you gave 100 artists the same set of art supplies and asked them to create, you would end up with 100 unique works of art. This is because the magic ingredient in every artwork is the artist, who brings his or her own history, personality, creativity, and personal perspective to the pieces that they create. It is this magic that is the subject of “The Pulse Of Mixed Media.”

“The Pulse of Mixed Media” grew out of my online artist survey “The Pulse.” In the book, 31 spotlight artists and 102 additional contributors generously share their most intimate thoughts and feelings by providing answers to a series of personal questions. Some of these questions focus on their art, for example the art material they could not live without and the messages they hide in their artwork. Other questions focus on the artist, such as their art-related regrets, the obstacles that they have faced, and the one person in their life with the most creative impact.

my self portrait in the book
I turned the tables on Seth and asked him to answer this question...
Why did you start The Altered Page....?
SETH: Ahhhh. A good question. I had been creating art and handmade books in earnest for about 5 or 6 years at that time and was beginning to take the process much more seriously. I found that creating art was a very satisfying experience but quite isolating. I began exploring the Internet as an avenue to address that - by looking at blogs and websites, and joining a number of Yahoo groups to exchange art and work on projects with others. I became frustrated with the groups for many reasons and decided to stop participating in them. But I wanted to keep that social component and it seemed to be the right time to start a blog as a way to do that. Plus, I felt more comfortable as an artist and wanted to put my work out there for the world to see. Somehow that made me feel more accountable and gave me motivation to work harder and to create more. In my first blog post in August 2007 I wrote...  

"I have 3 goals in mind for this blog. First, to share my art and receive feedback in return. Second, to share artists, websites, stores, books, ideas, and creations that I have found. And third, to share great art finds from the museums, galleries, and streets of New York."

I love reading that now because I feel like I have achieved what I set out to do when I started. 

Seth Apter art that appears in Pasticcio Panoply
Seth is a wonderful artist in his own right.  He has generously submitted his art to several issues of Pasticcio Quartz and more recently his art appears in our latest issue of Pasticcio Panoply.

I was on Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo radio show today with 4 other artists that took part in Seth's book. I think you can listen to the show here under RECENT SHOWS 3-21-2012 ... I think you'll enjoy it.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Seth has put out an open call to artists... read about it here on Seth's blogI think you will want to bookmark it. And look for his new book, The Pulse of Mixed Media...because it's one interesting journey into the pulse of mixed media...

comin' down the road...

 Heading back from Las Vegas to make my interview on Creative Mojo . We are talking about art and my part of  Seth Apter's book The Pulse of Mixed Media ... Left kicking in...and aching to do something creative...this is what I shot from the passenger seat...


Friday, March 23, 2012

a work in progress...

For some reason known only to the art gods...I have to create this piece of art incorporating the Union Jack. Perhaps it is the upcoming Olympics being held in London, starting July 27th... 125 days to go...and counting. Perhaps I am being asked to explore my roots through these vintage photographs of my relatives... Perhaps it's just time I work large... 28 x 14... I don't know where this is going... or where it will end up... I have more sense than to ask... but when it is done, I will post it if you like... though it may be awhile... I have been brooding over this piece for awhile now... I think I'm posting it so I get going on it... I work best under pressure.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

be unruly...twitter with me...

It will be my first Twitter Party..
March 21st
6:00 PST

Its the Launch Twitter Party for the new book
I had the proud pleasure of being a part of this amazing book...
come talk to us about it...
6:00 pm PST
9:00 pm EST

If you want instructions on how to join the box above.
You'll need to bring the hashtag #PulseBook
and if you twitter party all the time... hope to tweet ya there.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beannachtai na feile padraig

That's Gaelic for St. Patrick's Day greetings!

Here's a hand painted image I shot on Inishmaan (Inis Meáin/Inis Meadhóin in the Aran Islands Oileáin Árann.
I have  a real connection to these remote Islands, they simply fascinate me ... I am looking forward to the day I can explore them once again.  My trip there was one of the best adventures I ever had. 

For more images I photographed and hand painted in Ireland you can see here

But today...I will raise a glass and hope you enjoy the luck of the Irish today...

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