Friday, July 27, 2007

have you seen our Zine?

What are those two up to now?

proudly present

We have been wanting to do it for ages now...and finally...we did! Create a zine that is....It's a full color zine (more like a book if you ask me...does that make it a zink?) and it's a veritable treasure trove in an 8.5 x 8.5 package. Its full color glossy pages are brimming with eye candy from fabulous well known and up-and-coming artists; it's also chockful of reviews, info and advice you can really use! With art history and artist profiles, recipes and tech tips galore. We hope you will delve into it's pages and glean the same inspiration and joy that we did putting it together.

To purchase PASTICCIO ZINE click here!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

shhh... unruly artists at work...

Yesterday was a glorious art day. I made my way over to CW Slade's wonderful art studio where two unruly artists (CW and myself) started experimenting with some different products.We explored rust, patina and magnificent Lime Washes from Portola Paints...

We had a great time...CW...(who I have known since I was 15) is a true inspiration when it comes to art...and these days I spend with her at her studio are always a treat. Have you seen her artful Garden house in our book "In This House"? She brings her unique and introspective style to everything she touches.
By the end of the day we got a little punchy and tried to take some seriously unruly artist pictures of ourselves...I think it was our hair that was the most unruly....but it was fun to feel like we were 15 again...
After a full day in the studio we sat out in CW's beautiful garden and kicked back... drinking wine and talking, while her husband David, manned the BarB Que served up a delightful meal. A truly inspiring day....I was out like a light when I hit the bed last night.

Here's a short tour around CW's wonderful and studio.

This is the wall where the wood panels and canvas' await CW's paint. Most of her pieces are very large and she will stand at this wall for 8 hours at a stretch...

barely using the stool that sits nearby...

Everything is organized from her press to the products she uses...

To her library and reference books...The painting you see in this photo is by her son Jesse Slade...LACMA just picked him up as one of their artists. You'll be seeing a lot more of his work in the art world soon...

Art papers she uses in her collage paintings and...


and supplies...

and more supplies...

opens the channels and

unleashes the possiblilities

of creativity...

and that concludes the short tour of CW's studio...

I must share with you my latest CW Slade painting that I just acquired... homage 5
I have loved it from the first minute I saw it...


It made me very happy when I hung it on the wall at my house and now I am able to look at it everyday...thanks glow with talent....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

thank heaven

I was trying to find a picture of Becca because it is her birthday today...My little girl is 26th now...
Over the years I have taken a picture or two or two zillion of her ...but I was trying to find one that captured who Becca is...and I would have to say that this picture, which is one of my favorites, captures the thing about Becca I love so much. That's her spirit. When she smiles, which is alot, her eyes dance...
They danced then...

and they are still dancing today....Happy Birthday make my spirit dance when I'm with you!

Last year when Becca turned 25 I made her an altered book with some of my favorite photographs I have taken of her over the years. If you want to take a look at XXV click here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

living live

Very early this morning off I went to make an appearance on the show "Living Live" hosted by Florence Henderson and Meshach Taylor. We talked about the past and what I am up to now like the release of "In This House" and they even showed my house art that is in the book. What a nice group of people. It will air tomorrow morning 9:00 am Pacific time on channel 364.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

LARGE Show of small images

It is the LARGE Show of small Images exhibit opening Sunday July 8th at A Studio Gallery. It's a group show with 18 artists participating. Each photograph, and there are over 50 of them, is framed 8x10, beautifully matted and they sell for $100.00 each. Drop on by if you have the chance and say hi!
4260 Lankershim Blvd.
Studio City, California 91602
The Artist Reception is 5:00 - 7:00pm
The show runs till August 3rd
check the website for hours

I have 4 pieces in the show...handpainted in an unruly manner!
Here they are:




Unruly Artists Unite!
If you are feeling like an unruly artist I just posted some t-shirts in my Artful shop so you can wear it proudly! I am unruly...I make art in an unruly fashion...I break the rules of artistic boredom and I do it wholeheartedly!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

books and beaches and sparklers oh my!

The book is on the shelves and we welcome you to 'In This House.' It's very exciting to finally see our baby published. Wait till you see all the wonderful interpretations of 'home' by the 12 artists...all the inspiring ideas...the calligraphy...the photography.... It looks just like we hoped and envisioned it would.... Sarah and I were very pleased.
Speaking of Sarah

I was able to catch up with her, her daughter and two grandchildren on Balboa Island last week. A wonderful day of clear beach air and talk does wonders for the soul. We always have so much to say.... and so many things to do. It was loads of fun to get away and a great break for me. I really needed a day to clear my head. It was fun to watch her grandchildren eat their ice cream on the main reminded me of my kids and their balboa bars...could that have been so long ago?

Well it was, because there was something else we boy Jesse's 22nd Birthday!

Here he is with his friends before going out to celebrate 22 years.
What a bunch of good lookin' guys....

Just look how this warm weather has made my tomatoes grow. Do you think these red tomatoes are ripe yet? They sure look tasty. Perhaps they will find their way into our 4th of July salad....

On the art front. Here's a few skyline pieces I made experimenting with my images and some of my new Stewart Gill Paints. I love the texture and true colors this paint has. I'll be using some of these materials in my next exhibit which is coming up soon.... More about that next time.

Happy 4th of July...Have a great holiday weekend...and drive safely.