Sunday, July 01, 2007

books and beaches and sparklers oh my!

The book is on the shelves and we welcome you to 'In This House.' It's very exciting to finally see our baby published. Wait till you see all the wonderful interpretations of 'home' by the 12 artists...all the inspiring ideas...the calligraphy...the photography.... It looks just like we hoped and envisioned it would.... Sarah and I were very pleased.
Speaking of Sarah

I was able to catch up with her, her daughter and two grandchildren on Balboa Island last week. A wonderful day of clear beach air and talk does wonders for the soul. We always have so much to say.... and so many things to do. It was loads of fun to get away and a great break for me. I really needed a day to clear my head. It was fun to watch her grandchildren eat their ice cream on the main reminded me of my kids and their balboa bars...could that have been so long ago?

Well it was, because there was something else we boy Jesse's 22nd Birthday!

Here he is with his friends before going out to celebrate 22 years.
What a bunch of good lookin' guys....

Just look how this warm weather has made my tomatoes grow. Do you think these red tomatoes are ripe yet? They sure look tasty. Perhaps they will find their way into our 4th of July salad....

On the art front. Here's a few skyline pieces I made experimenting with my images and some of my new Stewart Gill Paints. I love the texture and true colors this paint has. I'll be using some of these materials in my next exhibit which is coming up soon.... More about that next time.

Happy 4th of July...Have a great holiday weekend...and drive safely.


Deb said...

Happy 4th, Angela!

Your son is a doll! Looks just like his mom.


Captainsnaps said...


Congrats on your book release! That is so exciting! You should be very proud!

BTW Does you Son still act?


Joyce said...

Yesterday my copy of "In This House" finally arrived. What an amazing thing you and your group have produced. It comes across more like a coffee table book, or a book of fine art than a craft book. Exquisitely done. Each house perfectly brings forth the peronality of each artist. Congratulations to all involved.

Anonymous said...

I saw your book at Borders today. It looks great and I'm planning on adding it to my creative library soon. I love the different ways to create dimension in the collages.

Joyce said...

I have an off the record photo question for you. I have been looking to buy a Polaroid sx-70 camera to try emulsion manipulation but have been able to find the Time Zero film. I know that you have used this process and before I invest in the camera I would like to know if the film is available anywhere. It is such a beautiful process. Thank you so much for whatever help you can provide.

tiffini elektra x said...

Adorable picture of Sarah! Happy Birthday to Jessie as well. I have never heard of Stewart Gill paints. . have to check them out. I am really loving what you have done with these pieces. Can not wait to see pieces for the exhibit!

ac said...

Yes...Jesse still acts...he's working on a short film right now.