Sunday, August 12, 2018's been awhile...

Something had to give... and it turned out to be my blog.  There was little time to be had once I became a 3 time grandmother... I have lived through losing both my parents, struggled to get my novel completed, created art illustrations for said novel, this and that and well... I always have time to post pictures, so Instagram became my social connection of choice.. pictures speak a thousand words...
But now I think I will try and post something a little catch up... to keep you all posted on the latest in my life...

I created some fashionable new art.wear inspired by everything around me. Every journey I take inspires the art I create.

My partner in crime Bill Mumy and I finally finished, re- worked, polished and decided it was time to let our novel ON PURPOSE out into the universe. 25 years in the making.... Set to be released in September.

I painted 23 illustrations for On Purpose and Bill composed a soundtrack for the book. There will be a deluxe version that has it all, and a Sights and Sounds book with my art and Bills music.  Keep a watchful eye on this page as it will all be available from here.  

I became an action figure! Penny and the bloop are Lost In Space action figures. How fun is that... I sold out of the signed ones I had on my site and I'm trying to purchase more I can sign and send out. I will keep you posted. 

I went to Salzburg again with my group of lovely folks and they experienced with me the behind the scenes locations and memories from when I made the movie, The Sound Of MusicI hope to do it again next year. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.  We always have a blast. 

I will have some of my work on exhibit at this Family Of Artists show opening this weekend at the historic Art Directors Guild 800 Gallery. I was honored they used my image of my Dad's hands for their invite. 

and... I decided to let my hair be its natural color; My Mom’s hair was pure white, and mine is pretty much the same. I am embracing my authenticity and loving the freedom it affords me.  I give a nod of my new head of hair to my Mum...who was by my side all the days of my youth...and is still by my side in my heart. I also lost my Dad this year and my heart was broken. It's the circle of life, he lived to be 95 and he had a great, fulfilled life, but it doesn't always make grieving easier for us left behind. I miss both of them everyday. But bit by bit I am putting my heart back together. Beauty, love, art and laughter helps. And smiling... lots of smiles. 
till next time, 

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