Sunday, October 31, 2010

I need to know what you need to know...

I am waiting for a little bird to tell me...what your question would be...I have a serious request for all the "Sound Of Music" lovers out there...If you could ask anything of the seven Von Trapp 'kids' in the movie... What would you ask? 
What burning inquiry have you had for years about a certain scene?...a rumor you've heard?... a behind the scenes query?...
Ask your family...ask your friends...ask your Facebook peeps... What have you always wanted to know about The Sound of Music? 
Write your questions in my blog COMMENT box ...

I need to know what YOU need to know....Won't you help us discover those burning questions you have always wanted answered???
And in advance Thank you from all of us and 'Mi'...


Lori Richman said...

Why wasn't Eleanor Parker or Dan Truhitte included in the reunion? Was this because of time constraints for an hour long show? I guess my question is, Angela, I love this movie, it's my favorite since I was 7 (age 49 now) and I'd like to know if you ever tire of being Von Trapped?

skippercollector said...

Did the scene with Maria deciding to make the play outfits out of the curtains actually happen? The reason I am asking is this: Gone with the Wind--the book, not the movie--would have been published just recently at the time The Sound of Music took place. I've often wondered if Maria had heard about Scarlett and her curtains. I doubt Maria would have read the book but maybe she heard about the plot somehow?

Rosalind Flynn said...

What I am wondering is whether anyone has any letters written to home or to one another during or following the filming of the movie. Letter writing is perhaps a lost art, but any written words by you as youngsters who got to be a part of that extraordinary experience would, I think, be so interesting to read. (Maybe diary entries--if they are not too personal--also.)

totomarley said...

When you all meet up for a reunion and have dinner, have you ever put pine cones on each others chairs as a joke?

totomarley said...

Is it true that your sister Veronica was one of the dubbed voices that sang for the seven children?

Anonymous said...

1. What kind of impact did The Sound of Music have in your life? How does it feel to be a part of it?

2. How do you feel when people, then and now, would excitedly say, "Look! It's ___ from The Sound of Music!"? Did you ever feel at one point in your life to shake off your character role in The Sound of Music?

3. To Charmaine Carr ~ What is Christopher Plummer like off screen?

Heather Urich said...

Who taught you how to play Jax?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

How sweet... thank you for including us.
Was there a point in the process, during filming or rehearsal, when you were so absorbed in what you were doing, that you were not thinking about *being in a movie* or *acting*, but you were just having pure fun... distracted, carried away pleasure?
Of course this leads to more questions... supposing you did get caught up in a moment, I wonder when it was, and why, and what it was like.
I feel so fortunate to have seen the movie as a very young girl, because watching it I was completely absorbed in it, completely surrendered to that suspension of disbelief, and even though I am older and wiser now, I can still tap in to that delightful freedom of stepping in to another world.
Respectfully, and with an undeniable touch of star-struck awe, I want to tell you and your cast mates that The Sound of Music made my own childhood a happier one. It was an idealized story, but told sincerely, with genuine heart, and it gave me a bright, beautiful place to let my dreams and hopes live. Thank you for your part in this.

Mystical_Lucie said...

You were all in Austria for many months during filming. Did you or the other children have family members visiting you occasionally? Did any of you get homesick at all? Where were you all staying during filming and what was it like? Did any of your learn to speak German during your stay?

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

I have a couple of questions:

1. Was there ever any romance between the Von Trapp movie children? Crushes? Unrequited love?

2. Have you ever made friends with other people only to discover that they only wanted to be friends with you because you were in the movie?

Cindy said...

SoM has been my all time favorite movie........Now that I am an adult, I have always wondered what the audition process was like for each of the kids: how long did the process take, how badly you wanted the role, how long before you knew you had the role, etc. I am soooooo anxiously looking forward to this book next year!!! Thank you!!

Ingrid said...

The news that the Von Trapp kids are going to publish a book made my day when I saw Oprah (thank god for the wonder that is called You Tube, as I'm from the Netherlands and not able to watch American TV over here). I got so many questions, I guess all of us fans have. I always wondered if and how your lives changed right after the movie came out...were you kids recognized in the streets while shopping, did you have to hand out autographs all days long? Did the media write about you (I guess things were quite different back then)? What kind of families did the kids come from, how did your siblings respond to your sudden fame? What was the opening night like, were the kids allowed to stay up all night long? How did you kids stay in touch in the years after making the movie, as this was the time before email and text messages. Did you call or write? Did you all stay in touch or some more than others? How did the children spend their time between takes, did you get bored? Was Heather Menzies crushed when you and your sister got to meet the Beatles and she didn't (I know I would have been)? I'll stop rambling now as I could go on forever, but this is just some stuff that came up. Good luck on writing the book and best regards from the Netherlands!

JEDI said...

O Angela !
Many questions but we are french lovers and it's so difficult to translate our questions in english
My mother and my sisters have been to see movie from "the sound of music"("la mélodoe du bonheur" in french language) 7 or 8 times
It's one of best film we have never seen .
big kisses for you and all the family von trapp

Kathy said...

Hmmmm....let me see...I have a few...

How often do you watch the movie?

Did you have a crush on any of the actors playing the boys, Rolf or the Captain?

Who did you stay in closest touch with throughout the years?

Are you still recognized in this country and overseas as Brigitta?

What is your favorite scene or song? What is your least favorite?

Do your children and family love the movie?

Anonymous said...

First of all this is one of my favorite movies and I think you were terrific in it, but I have a question that I've been wondering about for years. In the scene where the Captain and Liesl are singing "Edelweis" you look like you are not feeling very well. Was this just my imagination or was this about the 20th take on that scene and you were just plain tired?

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
1. Did Julie, Chris and Charmy really play that guitar?
2. Was that Duane ringing the bell after the wedding scene?

Julie Snyder

mjmom52 said...

Hi, Angela. I am 58 and have been "watching you" since I was little, and you were littler. My "kids" are now 28, 27 and 22.

What was the name of the show you were on with your kid(s) when they were little? I thought it was Disney--like a remake of the Mickey Mouse Club or something. I remember you were singing like a made up song to him/them about whatever it was you were playing, I think??!!

Never mind...I just texted my 28 year old (a mom of a 4-year-old daughter), and she knew right away..."You and Me, Kid," several parents w/their children!!! But you knew that! LOL

MaryJean Halpin Bryce

margo said...

I loved the mansion in SOM. It was beautiful. Was it the home of anyone at the time of filming?

PattyCortica said...

Hi Angela! The Sound of Music is my favorite movie of all time... can't even imagine what an amazing experience making it must have been!!! Anyway, I've always wondered, was that you yodeling in the Lonely Goatherd when Brigitta sings with Maria? It sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Here's a burning question for the SOM kids. How did you all like working with Eleanor Parker? What was she like on the set? I've always wondered why all of the various SOM reunions, books, interviews, etc., never included her. One wonders whether she was not liked among the cast/crew or whether she has something against the movie?

Here's a mission for the SOM book you guys are planning---get an interview with Parker about SOM!


Atlanta, GA

Nilda said...

Hi Angela,

My name is Maria Elena. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog, and you body of work throughout the years. I have always loved you - from Lost in Space as Penny, through all of your tv performances and of course in the Sound of Music.

TSOFM is on my heart these days...watching you all on Oprah was wonderful and moving. I have been thinking a lot a bout why the film is such a treasure and so important ot us all, besides the obvious fact that its just so FUN, and hopeful. Its so funny, I have photo of my sisters in our woolen sailer suits and my mom in her chic Jackie-O suit and and Maria VonTrap hair - we were influenced as a family by the film. Can you imagine that?

Well Angela, you wanted the big question and here it is...if ever there were to be a sequel to the movie, in real time, reuniting the whole cast, and adding in grandchildren, what do you think would be the main points in the plot?

I am visiting this question very seriously as I am a screenwriter, and I think if handled extremely carefully, a true sequel can be born.

If Maria and Georg were still alive today, where would they be?
Where would you be?

Thank you so much for your wonderful talent and work, it is a gift.

~ Maria Elena

diane said...

When the filming had been completed for the children was there a farewell party of any sort for you before you left Austria?

Diane said...

After the end of filming the last shot with all the kids, was there a farewell party for you all of some kind, held in Austria?

Diane said...

Did Nicolas have a crush on Julie, I know he knew who she was because he had seen her in the Sound of Music earlier with his Mum, but did he have a crush on her when they were filming on Sound of Music?

Diane said...

Did the little ones play with emma when she visited the set?

Terry D. said...

My big question which I think was answered on the show was - "Is it true Christopher Plummer really disliked the movie and his role?"

I wish the reunion show could have been longer and had everyone participating more. How lucky to have a second family as you do in the SOM faimly!

Anonymous said...

Two things I always wanted to know about your performance, Angela, in SOM, one of which was touched upon by another fan:

1. When you, as Brigitta, were listening to the Captain and Liesl singing Edelweiss for the Baroness, you look as if you are trying not to cry. Were you directed to do that and for what reason or was it just you, Angela, responding to the song?

2. When your character, Brigitta, first enters the scene in which Maria meets the children, you do so after all the others, mischieviously peering over the book you are reading. What was the directorial reason for that? I thought it may have had to do with you being the best known of the child actors in the movie.

Anonymous said...

How was the money handled, do the children receive residuals? I thought I had heard not. Do you all now on the anniversary and blue rays?
Who would you say your closest to?

Thanks for allowing us to ask these questions!

ooglebloops said...

Were your own children (and children of the other Trapp "children") as big a fan of the movie as the rest of the general public?
Have you ever been back to the sites where the movie was filmed over the years?
Have you and Heather been friends since the filming of the movie?

sf said...

What was the book you were "reading" when the Captain called you all to attention, and you arrived late?

Anonymous said...

Huge fan of the SOM. I wish there would have been more time allotted to the "children's" segment on the Oprah show though. My favorite things were, of course, seeing all of you together, but the backstory and behind the scenes footage was GREAT. I know that you are all collaborating on a book that will be out next year - can't wait for that, but would also love to see a DVD of the home movies etc. Watching the behind the scene footage brought tears to my eyes...more than once.
My question for the cast is: when did you guys realize that this film was so beloved by so many? I was 6 years old back in 1965 when the movie came out and the experience broke me touched my heart, and, allowed my soul to soar to the sound of music. What a powerful, significant, and lasting contribution this film has had not only in the musicial film genre, but to cinimatic film history. Bravo!!!!

Mystical_Lucie said...

Here is just one example of how deeply this movie touched so many hearts & lives. For many years, starting in my teens, I suffered from horrible, crippling panic attacks. I would like in bed for hours, sometimes days, suffering so badly that I wanted to die. But the one thing that always got me through those awful hours was singing "My Favorite Things" over & over again. A few times, I even took out a sketch pad and coloring pencils and drew the items in the song, to take my mind off of my anxious thoughts.

I vowed to do whatever I needed to do to get rid of these horrible panic attacks once and for all and when I lacked courage, I sang "Climb Every Mountain". It took many long years, but I'm finally free of them at last, thanks in part to the wonderful songs in the Sound of Music!

Candace Dallas said...

Well, I am reading your blog posts backwards. Per my comment on your next post, I told you of the scene that makes me cry every time.

Do any of the scenes evoke emotions from you when you see the movie? I am assuming that you watch it from time to time like the rest of us. I probably see it in full at least twice a year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
Another question....when you all were singing "So Long, Farewell" and Duane(Kurt) hit that high note---that wasn't really his voice that hit it, was it? I was able to meet Nicholas in Burbank back in April and had such pleasant exchanges with him. Even got to sing that song to him at parting. Sy "hi" to him for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one, not only to you but all the other Trapp progeny: "What was the oddest place you were ever recognized as a movie Von Trapp?" Being that TSOM is a worldwide cultural icon, I'd think that you could be walking on the Great Wall of China and someone would recognize you!

Holly said...

Me too...I've always wondered...was it Julie Andrews that hit Kurt's high note?

Anonymous said...

In the scene where the family is trying to escape at night, I see the Captain, Max and Kurt pushing the car while the ladies are walking behind. There's no sign of Friedrich...was he behind the steering wheel inside the car?


OH SNAP! said...

As in a former comment, I would love to see the out takes and home footages. It would be a huge seller. Really.

My question: Do you ever get tired of answering the same questions?

Thank you for your cheerful giving spirtit.


caren said...

Those are some great questions. What I always wondered was, in the scene where Christopher Plummer says, "Oh, yes you ARE, captain...I mean, fraulein..." Was that in the original script, or did he say it as a mistake and then everyone liked it so it was written into the movie? It looks almost like a mistake that was later added.

Also, I'd love to hear what some of your (the kids') favorite scenes are in the movie.

Also, were there any lines that any of you in the cast altered? Today on the Today Show reunion, someone said Plummer changed some of his lines. Which ones?

I am a huge fan. While some may say the movie is syrupy, I think Ernest Lehman's rewriting of the stage show added a ton of humor and nuance that make it brilliant. The captain's and Barronness Schraeder's lines are particularly witty. "Why didn't you tell me?...To bring along my harmonica" "Well, apparently, we're both suffering from a deplorable lack of curiosity." (Anyone who looks at the list of best quotes on can see the brilliance.)
Plus, there is a look at true love, and the triumph of good over evil, and not just going along with it.

Thanks to all of you for reuniting and writing a book so we fans can have more ways to appreciate the musical! - Caren M. in New Jersey

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about what was going on behind the scenes.. I heard you played a few pranks on one another... What did you do for fun when the cameras weren't rolling!? Also, are there any behind the scenes videos.. or maybe some funny bloopers or anything? That would be fun to see!!!

Tommy said...

You all looked so good and how wonderful it is that everyone has stayed so close over the years. I think my favorite part of your appearance on the Oprah Show was sensing the love between everyone. It really made the movie come alive in my heart once again. We are about the same age and I remember my parents taking me to the Sound of Music when it first came out. I remember wondering how someone my age could do such a grown-up thing like make a wonderful movie that took place half way around the world.Now many years later I still wonder the same thing and I continue to stand in amazement of you and your movie family.
Tom Randolph
Bridgeport, WV

Sarah Tozer said...

Did the kids get to meet the real Maria Von Trapp or her niece when they visited the set or since? What are you all saying in the boat scene when you first appear through the trees singing, did you all do the yodelling in lonely goatherd or did you have help? In the graveyard scene when the von Trapps are hiding and Gretl asks about singing is Louisa scared or trying not to laugh? Who were the child doubles in real life, how often were they used and how many were there and what are you all saying when you go to see Maria at the abbey and are turned away, you talk over each other. Who pulled the frog prank, and was there a scene where Maria wears a hat she hasn't worn when she's in her blue and white party dress or was it just for promotional pictures? I am very excited about the book, and enjoyed pictures on 40th dvd and online from the set. Do you (Angela)still know the film by heart? Why doesn't Marta wear pink and was there a Christmas scene as there is a photo. Many thanks for an incredible film Sarah Tozer

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Thank you for including your fans in this new book. SofM has been my favorite movie from the first time I watched it. I have now watched it over 60 time! (we have the DVD). My twin sister and I have a tradition of watching SofM the first thing every year on our birthday. This past year we had to get up at 4:00am to watch it before getting ready for church!

My question is:
What was each of your favorite scenes to make and why?

Thanks Angela,
Rebekah S.

Anonymous said...

I am a MASSIVE fan of The Sound of Music and just want to say a huge thank you to you, Angela, for giving us the opportunity to ask all of you some questions! I have quite a number of questions… I’m dying to know the answers!

Eleanor Parker questions

What was Eleanor Parker like off screen?

What is her personality like?

Did she spend time/interact with the children?

What did you children think of her? As compared to the other actors/actresses.

How did she relate to Christopher Plummer?

Did she get along with Julie Andrews? How did they interact off camera?

The Children

Who have you always felt was the most popular and/or well-liked von Trapp child and why? For example, I know a lot of people would say that Liesl is their favourite because she’s pretty, or Gretl because she’s cute…

What were the auditions like? What did you think/feel when you found out that you had been chosen for the role?

Which scene was the hardest to film? Which scene was easiest? Which scene is your favourite? Which scenes do you think could be done better?

If you had to travel back in time to the filming of the movie, what would you have done differently?

What other interesting things happened off-camera?

Christopher Plummer questions

How did all of you relate to him? Was there much interaction?

Did Christopher Plummer spend more time with Julie Andrews or Eleanor Parker?

Did he really sing and play the guitar?

Rolfe and Liesl questions

Did any of kids tease the two of them? How did they relate to each other off-set? Were you there when they filmed the scene in the gazebo?

What was Rolfe like?

For Charmain Carr: did you enjoy the scene for which you are now famous for? What was it like singing and acting with Dan? If you had to re-do the scene, what would you have done differently? That kiss at the end… did you have to practise much? What was it like? ;)

The beautiful mansion – why didn’t they film other parts of it?

When Julie and Christopher did that dance… were the children present? What about for the Something Good scene? What did all of you think of it?

Thank you SO much for giving us the opportunity to ask our questions. I simply CAN’T WAIT for the book!! :)

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite song in "The Sound of Music"

Michelle said...

What an amazing array of questions!

I'd like to know; was it as much fun as it looked?

Scott Santoro said...

I've always wondered why Eleanor Parker has never participated in any of the reunions, including the most recent one. She's such an interesting presence in the movie. I suspect she probably shot all of her scenes in a fairly short time on the movie, but does anyone remember what she was like to work with? She had been such a huge star in the 1940s and 1950s.

By the way, Angela, thirty years ago I worked down the street from Rubber Boots when the store was on Ventura Blvd (I was at the Don Bluth studio working on The Secret of Nimh). I went in your shop a few times and saw you, but didn't have the nerve to speak to you.

Maíra said...

Hello from Brazil, Angela.

1. How the musics were recorded? Only "the kids" sang or there were other kids voices?

2. The book is done yet?

*excuse the bad english. By the way, what languages you speak?
Love the site and the entire job on put the material on internet to us!

Maíra said...

Hello again from Brazil. That's a link posted by a big magazine here, there are a lot information about you in portuguese,basicly saying you're the most popular from the "Sound of music" (here best knonw as A Noviça Rebelde, the Rebel Nun, something like that) cast because your roles in american sitcons. The link:

It's the VEJA magazine section about sitcons. And notice: here, year after year, "Sound of Music" still "vende como água", or it's sold more than others.



Maíra said...

What we need to know:

1. When Heather Menzies appeared in Playboy, has she consulted you 6 about it, if this "new image" could affect someway the kids of SOM image?

2. There's a trivia about Kym Karath she said to be "the baby" of you,the youngest and she coudn't be stay up late at night etc and that was a source of humiliation. Is she still "the baby" for you six, even now?


Maíra said...

Oh, Angela, could you give more informations about the SOM kids new book? We're so excited about it. Inside the book, there will be a DVD with yours homemade films? Like a behind-the-scenes? There's an interwiew Nicholas said you 7 have a lot of material. We want photos and stories AND "movies". New 45th birthday edition isn't enough for us. Lovely but not enough. Just a last question: have you 7 ever visited south America? If not, that's the time!