Monday, October 11, 2010

crescendo: to grow in force or loudness.

You say crescendo...I say ...web spot extraordinaire created by Jenny Doh, ex-editor of Stampington and Art Saves advocate. All this week I am featured on the website  Have you visited there? It is definitely worth the visit. You will find some of your favorite artists, their stories, their favorite things, and you will find lots of artists whose work you have never seen before and are happy to discover. 
The links change below my picture every day this week, and it will turn you on to a few of my favorite places to visit online. Crescendoh is one big network, an exchange between artists and tales of creative passion. Well worth the ride...

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Lisa Viger said...

Ooo, I love Crescendoh & Art Saves!

Ella said...

I am thrilled you are a Curator~
It is an amazing pathway, to see so much talent share their humble beginnings and share fragments of their soul~

Jenny Doh said...

Many thanks for sharing your story. Thank you for all the creativity over the years.
All the best,

somepinkflowers said...

just had my morning Tea
with your son's lovely photos
linked at Crescendoh.


you must be
so proud....

James said...

Cresent Roll > "To grow in girth and width".

JEDI said...

Hi Angela

big plan like a legoland

it's funny