Thursday, October 28, 2010

well that was fun....

So today was that 45th reunion of the entire cast of The Sound of Music. Oprah said it was the first time we had all been together for an interview since the movie had been released. Though we have been interviewed as a group...and with Julie before, it was great and such a pleasure to have Christopher Plummer with us for this reunion on Oprah.  The night before we had filmed the show in Chicago, we had all met  with Julie and Chris for a lovely dinner and caught up on what we had all been doing over the years. That was really fun. 

How lovely were those Von Trapp grandchildren when they sang "Edelweiss"? Did it make you all teary eyed?

Did you hear the announcement about our book that will be out in October 2011?  We are very excited about it. No one can quite tell the story of our Sound of Music tales quite like we can and we will, first hand. I have wanted to do this 'scrapbook' of our behind the scenes adventures for years. So hang on for that...It will be here before you know it.

Thanks for watching...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It was lovely. Of course I would enjoy hours more... I know a lot of editing goes on, and I wish we could have heard more from You and your cast mates. There were heartfelt tributes, but they distracted from our opportunity to hear more from the actors. And yes, I was teary eyed listening to the Von Trapp grandchildren. What an incredible legacy... for them, and for you. I am so glad you made us aware of this special program. Thank you. And, I would always appreciate learning more, so I look forward to reading the book, and too perhaps reading more here?

Mr. Sensibleshoes said...

Yes, a behind-the-scenes book would be a real crowd pleaser, but a DVD of out takes, interviews, bloopers and rare photos from the SOM shoot would also be well received. Wasn't there a plan at one time to compile such a thing?

However, I suppose there's some sort of licensing issue with any SOM video footage you might try to release.

Meanwhile, a nicely presented show today on Oprah. Well done, Brigitta.

Sherry Cheever said...

it was a great show today and the Von Trapp kids were fabulous!

Evelyn said...

So happy there is DVR. Watching the show now and it is great!

margo said...

Loved the reunion. Just loved it. :)

Camy said...

Oh my, I enjoy the show to the very bits of it. A book is coming out??? Oh goodness gracious, that's a fascinating news. I'll surely buy it. =) A year to be looking forward to and I can feel that it's a good year ahead. Can't wait for the book.

And the real Von Trapp kids, they're awesome...and of course, not forgetting the Non Trapps kids as well. ^-^ You guys rock!!!

Lots of Love,

OH SNAP! said...

My neighbor taped the show for me since I don't have TV. Can't wait to watch it. First I gotta get back to shooting American Ballet Theater II.... you would love it Angela... They have been here for 2 weeks and I've been doing a photography workshop focusing on them and horses.

I anxiously a wait your book :D I remember you mentioning a little hint about doing something like that a while ago. Glad it's coming true.... girl of amazing hours in your day, and lots of talent.


ooglebloops said...

I agree with Natalie - would have loved to have heard more from you. Christopher Plummer must have been a hoot back in the day!!! Still is.
I look forward to the book! Have you seen the new Dove comm'l out with one of the "glee" cast members singing "along" with Julie Andrews with scenes from the movie? It is wonderful.

Barbara said...

I loved the show! Especially the home movies.

scb said...

Wonderful show, Angela! As Natalie said, I could have watched for hours and hours!

Yes, the Von Trapp children made me teary-eyed, but then, I got teary-eyed the moment I saw the clip of Julie twirling on the mountaintop, and I was teary-eyed many times throughout the program.

Over the years, my heart has been blessed so many times, in so many ways, with The Sound of Music, and this program added one more huge blessing. (And I can hardly wait for your book!)

Anonymous said...

The Sound of Music book by the kid actors sounds great! Make sure the rare, behind-the-scenes pix are large-sized, to show good detail.

The Oprah appearance was great, but was annoyed by the time expended to the SOM tributes by Rosie and others. Would rather have heard from the SOM cast the whole hour. In any case, enjoyed the show.

Atlanta, GA

Lorena F. Pimentel said...

It was wonderful show, although I must admit I thought we didn't hear enough from you and your castmate as we all would have liked. Nevertheless, it was lovely to see you together with Julie and Christopher.

It was very moving to have people tell their stories on how the film affected their lives, as well as seeing the Von Trapp kids singing 'Edelweiss'. I was crying as soon as I heard the first notes on the piano.

I'm thrilled to hear about the upcoming book and I'm eagerly looking forward to it.

Amy Tam said...

Hi, I've just watched the show for so many times although my English is not very good (I'm from Hong Kong) and there's no subtitle for supporting me, but I also understanding all the things you guys talking about in the show, and I was very enjoy.

Thanks for giving us such a lovely moment, and I love Christopher Plummer very much, he is so handsome, and nice. Very happy to know that you will have the book, it's take a long time to wait for it's born, I really want to get it now, HaHa.

The Von Trapp GrandChildren Edelweiss sound so sweet and warm, and after the show, I also search the video of Maria online and found that the real Maria's voice was so sweet and she sang very well, excellent.

One of the reason that I love The sound of music is I also act this play, when I was twelve, in my secondary school anniversary, we played some of the scenes (Do-Re-Mi, Edelweiss, So long farewell, Maria) in English version as well, I acted as the small Gretl, and I fall in love with the sound of music after that, also love Julie, Christopher, and yours all.

Hope can have chance to see you fully sound of music family together again.

Please updated yours latest news here and I must come and visit you frequently.


Amy Tam

Attorneymom said...

OMG. It was so great seeing on Oprah last week. It is a blessing that the entire cast of Sound of Music is still alive after 45 years. You look great.

I remember watching you on my favorite space show Lost In Space. Your character Penny was my favorite.

I have to add your blog to my blog rolls so I can keep up with you.

JEDI said...

Hi ANGELA !!!!


Seth said...

What a fun and memorable experience this must have been for you all. And a book too. How cool!

Unknown said...

Amazing! after 45years, the bond of the cast of SOM is still strong! You are a family.You all look great in the Show with Ms. Julie Andrews and Mr. Plummer. How nice would it be if you the cast were made to sing..the sounds in the 60s, and the sounds in 2010.:)Perhaps when SOM will be on its 50years, it must be a grand reunion,CHEERS to good health and good life! Goodluck on your book, i am eager to have a copy of that.You might as well include Julie and Chris.:)
Your blog is great. Sooo artztic.I like it.smiless<<<

Mary Ann Potter said...

I loved the show almost as much as I loved the movie. In fact, I caught it on the rerun and had the same reaction --- excitement, tears, laughter. An amazing thing to see y'all after all these years. I don't watch a lot of tv, but there are certain times when I see something and say, "I get it." This movie reunion made me say it several times. Blessings from here on Windy Hollow Farm in North Carolina! (Just joined this site a few days ago and am enjoying it so much.)