Tuesday, February 13, 2007

black & white

Some pictures from the 4260 Black and White Photographers Guild exhibit.



Anonymous said...

In my opinion,those pictures show the YIN and YANG and the harmony. :) Black ( yin ) and white ( yang ) .
The picture "wish of health" in negative is too a representation Yin (pink) and Yang ( green ).
The reality is view at Yin-Yang.
Beautiful, very beautiful ! This is alchemy !!! :) :) :)

Cândido Dantas

chumly said...

My daughter is an Art Teacher and was the School Photographer in High School. She loves black and white photos and her pictures really are beautiful.

Joyce said...

I belong to a black & white photo critique group called "Maximum Black". The photos are shot with film, and personally hand trayed. We get together every six weeks or so to share our love of this beautiful art form. It is comforting to know that there are others out there who share our passion, we seem to be a vanishing breed. I will be in So. Cal for two weeks in March and hope to come by and see your work.

Captainsnaps said...

I caught your new exhibit this week. Loved all of the photos. I was happy to be able to finally see the gallery in person. Please thank Mardjie again for taking the time to talk me about some of the artists at the gallery and photography techniques in general.


Anonymous said...

Could you help me? I'm getting ready for an exhibit(paionting and photography) and I shoot digital. I'm looking for a good custom lab. I came across www.Dalamtionlab.com which seems amazing..however they have 3 or 4 different levels of B & W. Giclee being at the top. I'm so confused about what to get. I'm new to photography. I do want the best but I also don't know if a step down would be just as good. Giclee is very expensive.