Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday I made my way with my pal Connie (below) to Anaheim and the CHA - Crafts & Hobby Show.

Visiting with some of my art friends....Kristen Robinson, Ruth Rae, Catherine (from Quarry Books) and Stephanie Girard, Traci Bautista, Bernie Berlin, Bonnie from Ranger, Jenny Doh from Stampington & Co. and Claudine Hellmuth.

We oohed and ahhed over Claudine's new line of paints and accessories which I have been using and really love. She was busy demonstrating them at the Ranger Ink booth. And we showered Jenny with compliments on her outfit inspired by Stampington's new publication Apron.ology . I LOVE aprons, and wear them often over pants...but I love the many layers that created this outfit.

And how cool are these lovely little free motion stitched dresses created by Ruth Rae...If you love handstitched goodies check out Ruth's etsy store...
Stampington has so many new and exciting publications...look for my article in the next issue of "Somerset Digital" Magazine and at the end of the year I'll be in "Where Women Create," where you will view first hand the digs where I make my art...

The most exciting part of the day was when I arrived at the Quarry booth and getting to see and sign my brand new book "In This Garden"I co-authored and collaborated on with Sarah Fishburn.... It's hot off the press and it looks amazing...It won't be in stores for a month or so...but it's on it's way...How thrilling is that???


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful book cover. Can't wait til it comes out. I love aprons too. And those hand-stitched items are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

It was great fun seeing you at CHA. Thanks for all of your support. I also enjoyed meeting Connie. What a sweetie she is. Look forward to working with you for Where Women Create. (And I look forward to seeing your apron for the next apronology!)
Jenny :)

connie said...

great photos, great fun!
was very excited to see your new book "In This Garden" it is very beautiful, the art spectacular! it's a must in my library!

sf said...

Your new book looks really good. . .

Ruth Rae said...

It was nice to see you Angela!
I look froward to getting your new book! it looked wonderful!

I was just over at Connie's blog looking at her delightful chairs!

Anonymous said...


Gerushia's New World said...

I must admit, I'm waiting to purchase your new book from my local store as soon as it hits the shelves.

Garden Painter Art

Pilar said...

CHA looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the book. :D I am looking forward to your upcoming article in Digital Studio.xoxoxoxo

Joy Jones said...

Hello Angela!
I adore aprons too...wear a different vintage one everyday when I work in my studio. I also love the Stampington folks. I've been honored to have been published a few times by their creative and talented editors. I am tickled to have discovered you from Jenny's blog. I know I will be back to enjoy your creative journey! ~ xo ~ Joy

Paula said...

Hei Angela
I'm so glad I met with you at CHA. I buy your books from Amazon so it was fantastic to meet you in person.
I have posted a photo of yourself and me on my blog, for when you did your book signing (www.paulastenberg.blogspot.com and also www.scrapbookersdelight.blogspot.com). I am really enjoying reading your book (or should I say 'looking'?). Love the photos.

Fran said...

Beautiful book cover. Can't wait for it to come out. I pre ordered it already.

Looks like lots of fun was had at CHA. The apron and dresses are wonderful.
I know Patti Medias Culea was there signing her new book also; "Creative Cloth Explorations" Adventrues in Fairy-Inspired Fiber Art. I did A Fairy Garden piece for her book.

I love your work and keep new creations flowing.

Captainsnaps said...

Congrats on your new book coming out! How exciting is that!

Deb said...


Thanks for sharing the photos & events from CHA. You look just as beautiful as ever. Can't wait to get my hands on that book! Yee Ha! Have heard many nice comments from the folks who were at CHA and got a copy. They say the art simply pops off the page.

And congrats on upcoming publications, as well as the latest edition of Somerset Studio. I adore your shadow art! You have such a perfect photographer's eye that seems to perfectly adapt to every piece of art you do. Studying your work is truly a joy and such an educational experience.

Take care!


Amanda A. Brooks said...

Love that apron outfit.

ann h said...

I can't wait to get your new book!I picked up the somerset studio mag with your article SHADOW ART COLLAGES and really enjoyed reading it!

katswan said...

Hi Angela...once again you are inspiring me! Something has been asleep in me for a very long time and I feel as if your artwork is poking at me. All that you have been creating is such a feast for the eyes! I feel the old Rubber Boots spirit in me again....Thank you for the awakening!

I look forward to your books arrival!

Kathie Swanson

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I really love her apron.
I was thinking about making
one with a vintage table cloth.
Linda came by and told me it
must be 60 years old. I also
decided I wanted to make totes
with it instead. I also might
end up using for the purpose it
was intended for. Still undecided.

I found out not to long ago that
Where Women Create had a magazine.
Congats for being featured in it!

Have you seen ESewliberated's cute reversible apron. It looks like a cute dress. She has a pattern out for it.

I love your sketches that you had
turned into necklaces. They are darling.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...


I don't think this link will work inside comments but if you look up Sew Liberated her blog should show up.

It is the Emmeline apron that looks like a cute dress. She has two apron patterns. One I think is called Lola.

Just thought I'd stop by and leave a link if you wanted to take a peek and see what I am talking about.

God Bless You and Yours and
Your Creative Life!!!

Sandra L. said...

Dear Angela: I just bought your new book, and I am making my way through it slowly, savoring it!

I did have a question: what material did you find worked best to make the garden arch shape? Was it matboard of some kind?

Thank you so much--