Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sunday I went with my pal CW to an event at VIVA the Valley Institute of Visual Arts to hear some contemporary artist/teachers speak and to view some of their work. It was extremely interesting, inspiring and motivating. It was clearly time to fill up...and just seeing art ...does that for me. (Several of the art pieces below were there to view in person)
Take a look below...I also added some quips from the discussion the artists had with their audience...

"Art is not a profession...but a broadening..."

Gerald Brommer
"It's finished when someone buys it."
Referring to a blank canvas..."Walk on it...everything you do will improve it."

Franklyn Liegel
"...transferring from one piece to you are growing a garden..."

"I have no fear because I know it will go wrong..."

Jim Morphesis
"Art is a sense of wonder..."
"As an know what you are supposed to be..."
You may not resonate with any or all of this artwork...but does it matter? Doesn't it just make you want to grab a paintbrush and create?


rscoach said...

Hi - I was there too! Isn't it funny that we all know each other from our blogs but wouldn't know each other if we were standing next to each other in a gallery! Perhaps we'll meet in person at the next event - I was also upstairs for our monthly SoCal Mixed Media Gathering - we meet in the studio upstairs once a month - please e-mail me privately to find out more - would love to have you join us -or check out our yahoo group and join - I just posted our very first swap on our yahoo group - sign ups close in a week but you have to be a member to participate (it's free!)
thanks for your post - Reva (Los Angeles)

rscoach said...

Ooops! Angela....didn't realize this was your blog! just read the content and didn't look at who was writing - of course I'd know you - we met at your book signing at the Grove - I was with Kelly Kilmer and Judy D. - Reva (Los Angeles)

TotalD said...

It does. I'm not sure what part of me it reaches but it's not competitive or jealous , it makes me want to do more of my own work. Perhaps flushing out old imagery is a step in the creative process that every artist needs. A step back from the road well traveled :)

While I'm here , I just wanted to say thank you so much for the cards and note paper Angela , you are so kind . They came beautifully , thoughtfully wrapped and of course are gorgeous . I don't believe I have ever won anything my entire life so it is an event to celebrate I think . Everyone should win at least one thing in life don't you think ? Completely awesome and wonderful my unruly girl .

Thank you.


marianne said...

thanks for sharing- both the art and the quotes! it does make me want to paint- love the texture in the middle two- happy friday!

Anonymous said...

I like the second one. I wish I could do impressionistic drawings.

Toni said...

Brommers piece, "Memory of Tuscany" ist wonderful. It is like Tuscany with a little from St. Michel in France.

Thanks Angela


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Just a quick note to say I'm sorry to hear about Bob May. I'm sure you have many fond memories of working with him on the set of Lost in Space. Back in 1997 Mark Goddard did an interview with Australian TV and told us some of them, like the time Mark and your friend Bill played a practical joke on him. The interview is on Youtube for those who want to watch it. Part of getting older is watching friends and loved ones die. I don't like that part. Again, sorry for your loss.
Love from Frank