Wednesday, January 02, 2008

sliding into 2008

Welcome 2008!

Yep, that's me with a snowman, one of the corner pieces from the gameboard of the game "Buttons & Bows" that my friend Kevin Burns gave me for Christmas. He found it on EBAY and it is pristine condition. Even the spinner is all shiny and new. It's never been played with. Pretty cool for being almost 50! I found this picture of me wearing and balancing some of the merchandise they came out with during the "Danny Thomas Show" days. I had a whole line of clothes, hats and games. I'll be posting some of those old pix throughout the year...when I'm feeling nostalgic.

There's a new magazine out by Stampington & Company called
They printed two pictures of mine in it that I took of my parents hands.
It's a cool concept in a picture book of photography. These pictures were shot with my Canon EOS film camera. This magazine has just been released. Click here for more info about it.

Stampington also came out with a magazine called Artist Cafe.

They reprinted my first article in Somerset Studios magazine that appeared in March/April 2005. But the magazine has lots of great articles that they reprinted from some of the best artists around. It is truly inspiring, and worth picking up.

There's lots on the horizon for this year and I better get started. Stay tuned for the latest news in my realm. A peaceful new year is my wish to all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! To have your very own games! Loved your photos in "Life Images". A blessed new year to you!


Betzie said...

Hi Angela!
I'm glad to have found your blog. I loved the Danny Thomas show as a little girl! You were so cute in it!
How neat to see your collection of nostalgia.
Hope to visit again!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember my Buttons & Bows game! I got one when I was a child. It is so nostalgic seeing it again. Thanks for posting it Angela. :)

Frank Fielder said...

Hi Angela!

You'll always be "America's Little Darling" to me.

Love from Frank

Anonymous said...

Nice AC Doghouse! (lol)
Happy New Year!

Lynn said...

Happy New Year Angela!!
What a cute picture of you and your AC merchandise.

School Street Primitives said...

It's a delight to see an old "friend"! The Danny Thomas show was a family favorite, as Thomas was our name, too! You were an adorable child, and you have grown up to be a lovely woman!

Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

Mary Lynn

ann h said...

Hi Angela, I just love all those adorable pictures you post.It seems like just yesterday you were on TV.You were such a pretty little girl and now a very pretty lady who is still so creative. You have really inspired me with my art work.Keep posting those great pictures.Thanks again.