Tuesday, January 22, 2008

goin' on a sentimental journey...

You are right Judith Ann! (referring to the question at the end of the January 12th post) Judith Ann commented "a friend is someone who likes you" is the title of an old book by Joan Walsh Anglund, published in 1958. You really tweaked my memory when you mentioned it. She wrote very sweet, gentle books for children." That's right Miss Judy from the West Side (I know who you are...)....The book "A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You" was one in a series of books by Joan Walsh Anglund that I loved as a child. The simple stories, the enchanting illustrations won my heart and still evokes emotions to this day.

Ms. Anglund wrote over 90 childrens books and I still treasure my original copies from my childhood. My parents would give me one of Joan Walsh Anglund's book whenever a new one was published. What a lovely tradition that was...Now being the sentimental fool I am it brought tears to my eyes when I scanned a few of these for my blog and I looked at the inscription inside the front jackets...

It is amazing that these illustrations can evoke such emotion even without noses and mouths, isn't it?

When I was about 7 I appeared on a Dinah Shore special titled "Children Are People". I hosted the show with Jay North and Teddy Rooney and the entire cast was made up of kids. (Dinah was taking a week off I guess). I remember the show was a kick to do and during one segment I sat in a big ole chair and read the entire book"A Friend is Someone Who Likes You".
ending with:
Some people have lots and lots of friends…
Some people have quite a few friends…
but everyone…
everyone in the whole wide world has at least one friend.
Where did you find yours?”

It makes me smile to remember that...

Many of Anglunds books are out of print books now, but some can be found at Alibris...or on EBAY
The Silver Edition of A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You is available on Amazon. And Love Is A Special Way Of Feeling, is available there too...just in time for Valentines Day...
all illustrations by Joan Walsh Anglund


Anonymous said...

Hey, Miss!
I had NO idea that your connection to those stories had so much history! What a beautiful gift-giving tradition on your parents' part! They knew that the simplest gifts, the gifts from the heart, are the ones that truly endure. Those inscriptions brought a tear to my eye, too. That you had the chance to bring the stories to life on TV must have been a great gift to your folks. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story!
"Judy from the West Side"

Shelley said...

I've always loved her art. It seems t me that she was one of the first "modern" illustrators that I remember. She seems to fit in the same genre as Tasha Tudor and Holly Hobbie.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

vintagepaletteart said...

Angela.........I too remember Joan Walsh Anglund and her books from my childhood. I loved her little faces that she painted! So sweet! You just reminded me too that I purchased a christmas book of hers at a sale and have it tucked away. Now I must go dig it out!

You took a class with two dear sweet friends of mine in Portland this past October and that is how I happened upon your blog. You took a picture of the two of them together with one of the class instructors. Their names were Christy and Sandy. As soon as they mentioned who you were, I immediately remembered you from Lost in Space.....I grew up watching that show and loved it!

Love your blog and all the childhood memories!

Thank you so much for sharing! You are one beautiful and talented woman!


Frank Fielder said...

Hi Angela!

I didn't remember these works until I saw the art. Its a very original style. Now I remember seeing those books in many homes I visited as a child, although I never actually owned one myself. Thanks for jarring the old memory!

Love from Frank

ann h said...

Hi Angela,I remember those precious books from my childhood.Your parents' inscriptions are so sweet and special.You really were such an adorable little girl.Thank you for sharing those lovely memories.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela, for reminding me of this delightful, little book! My mother gave me copy of it, autographed by the author, when I was little and I always loved it. Charming!


DebiH said...

I actually have the boxed set of prints, "The Joan Walsh Anglund Sampler." Lovely work from some sweet books that bring back some very sweet memories. Thanks for the 'jog'.

sf said...

Sebastian memorized her Brave Little Cowboy when he was 3!

forcryeye said...

I love these books as well! My favorite is one that my Dad bought me a couple of years ago at a used book store. It is so special to me, I have it way on a high shelf so little fingers don't get to it. Have a great day.

Our Hands For Hope said...

Wow, you jogged a memory here! I had two of the books (still do) and a doll! I loved the doll so much that I NEVER played with her and left on her tag! I didn't want her to look used! I remember also copying the drawings out of the books when I was young.
I'm new to bloging and new to your blog. It's wonderful.

rex sikes said...

Trying to reach you through your guestbook out of commission - old friend - we met once or twice ears ago. Bily M and Dave Jolliffe were old friends of mine form the Ferer clan, aone with Shaun Cassidy. June Lockhart and kiteflying Don Weiss

I moved from LA and trying to reconnect with all old friends, say hello while I raise family elsewhere. Wanted to say hi and hope you can say hello for me or pint me in a direction to get back in touch.

been lone lone time since I spoke or saw billy, shaun, davey, miguel - at least since 'early 90's- did you know mon & terry?

The ferrers - one of billy's old haunts hnging with rosie and dante, mig, gabri, marie, moncita, rosie,
just tyring to supply you with enough background

rex "steve" sikes
hope to hear back

All the very best - thanks for all the great entertainment through the years Angela. Would love to refresh memory with you

take care!!!

carlotta1924 said...

i remember that book! i got it from a box of different books my grandma had shipped from the US to manila. it really is a nice one, now i just hope it's still in the house..