Sunday, November 25, 2007

art play

The Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close, which means Christmas and various other winter holidays will be upon us before we know it. I have many things on my agenda to finish up before the year is through. It's also time to find those ornaments and decorations to deck the halls once again. There's something exciting about this time of year...the secret is not to let the holidays overwhelm you...I'll see if I can stick to that bit of advice as the 25th draws closer.

In the meantime I thought I would post some of my art that has appeared in some publications lately. In Somerset Gallery they printed a collaborative swap I was in, hosted by my pal Sarah Fishburn called the Funky Fold Alphabet Book. I was the letter 'M' for Music. It was a terrific swap, and I have it hanging in my studio.It says on the cover it is the Winter 08 Issue.

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Also in this issue are some inked notecards I had given to them nearly 3 years ago. (Which goes to show, you never know if they will finally print something they have had in their possession for awhile.)

And in this brand new magazine called "Artist Cafe" they reprinted my article called "Pieced in Color" which was first published in the March/April Issue in 2005. Artist Cafe is a very cool magazine with what they consider the Best of Somerset Studios. There are some cool articles in it if you may have missed from the past. I was honored that my article was chosen to be in the premiere issue. It hits newstands December 1st 2007. Or you can order it here.
Also keep a checking back for when Pasticcio Issue 2 will be available. It won't be long now...and it's a super sized issue stuffed fatter than a holiday stocking!
It's not snowing here in LA like it is up north in Colorado...but it's cold right now. Think I'll go put some socks on...

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tiffini elektra x said...

So excited for Pasticcio 2!
I loved that alphabet swap it just came out so fabulous. They did such a great job putting it together!