Monday, May 24, 2010

lost without you Jack....

First there was goodbye to Lost. I can't really say much about it, because after 6 seasons, I don't think I really understood any of it. But that's ok, cause the music was really good, and the actors were really interesting to look at, and I just excepted flashing forward and backwards and sideways...and in the end I think everyone is full of... black smoke.

But it's saying goodbye to 24 that is really hard to do....Jack Bauer is a name that, in our house, means the ultimate in technology, dependability, and righteousness.

I’m going to miss ya Jack…
You made me a better person… I aspired to the multitude of tasks you got done in one day. That was awesome. And if you got sick…or were shot…or poisoned…you still got up and finished your work. I think this is what our ancestors meant when they said…”A hard days work never hurt anyone.”

I worry about you Jack…because you not only work all day, you work all night too. 24 hours… straight through. I have often wished I could do that as well as you can. Just think how many things I would get checked off my list if I could work a straight 24 hours with the gusto that you do. And I have never seen you drink a cup of coffee…not one. How do you do that?

But I am concerned about you Jack…I really think you need to go to anger management. I can understand you being upset, life has not been fair to you. However…it is only this season I have seen you hold a grudge.
You have loved so deeply one hour, and the next that love is ripped away from you…I can see how that is wearing you down…maybe if you took a couple of days instead of minutes to think things over, you wouldn’t fly off the handle so much.  

Yep, I'm going to miss you Jack Bauer. You are my hero...You are the epitome of being honorable and trustworthy...and even though I may not handle things the same way you do... for an hour or two every week, I have felt safer in this world because you were in it.
Dammit…life is just not going to be same after tonight.


Diva Kreszl said...

a realy great post, you made me smile :)

OH SNAP! said...

Ooohhh so sad. Didn't know it was the last. I'm still getting over Renee. That was a bummer.

Post: Well put. Thanks ;)

Tiglizzyclone said...

I couldn't have said it better Angela!

Thufer said...

It's funny, as you were lamenting your loss of Jack, I was driven to a far off planet and the plight of young Will, Penny and Judy.
Times change, the shows and stories are diverse; however, the loss of a (fans) old friend is always the same. It will forever remain a hollow place filled with nothing but "black smoke".

Deb said...

I've been trying to write a Jack Bauer post all morning - and I see you have already said everything so perfectly.

I don't know what we're going to do on Monday nights now - 24 was the only show my hubby & I really loved watching together.

I know there's a movie coming - but I have this tiny little hope - way down deep in my heart - that Fox will bring 24 back (maybe as 48 - meaning 2 days in JB's life, so it would run for a whole year!)

Life will never be the same after my tragic hero is gone.

Well, a gal can dream, can't she?

Pat Shawyer said...

24 is a series I never quite got around to watching..unfortunately. 2 of my Sons (19 & 24) are mourning the loss of LOST...Another series that somehow escaped me, from the clips I've seen when passing the TV with both Sons glued to it, I would have been about as LOST as they all are on that confusing. John Locke a hero in this house..goodness knows why..I'm just discovering Dexter, and I LOVE it !!

Barbara said...

Gonna miss Jack too! Loved all the twists and turns the story took.

Mr. Knowitall said...

Until about 4 years ago, I hadn't watched a single minute of this TV show you call '24'. But it was after reading one of your blog posts at that time (in which your admiration for 'all things Jack' was made perfectly clear) that I finally started tuning in.

Heck. So impressed was I, that during the course of watching that initial season, I ran out and purchased the 3 or 4 'days' that I had already missed in the series. You bet.

I owe all my '24' fun since then to YOU m'dear! You can be very convincing in your blog posts. :o)

PS: I think you meant to say that you "ACCepted flashing forward and backward and sideways with Lost..." rather than 'excepted'. Hey, they don't call me Mr. Knowitall for nothing. :o)

Traveller28 said...

Missing 24 as we speak. Let's hope the movies are coming soon and god bless Mr Sutherland. He has give my wife and I *many* hours of smiles, tears and joy from this superlative and brutal (in a good way!) series.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Jack and Chloe/Kiefer and Mary Lynn. I knew Jack could count on Chloe no matter what. I too miss them.