Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pasticcio Quartz 8 and a cool night...

Pasticcio Quartz Issue 8 (our QUality ART Zine) is hot off the press.
This issue is packed with all kinds of art, info and two of my favorite things PLAID & PETS!
Sarah and I worked long and hard on this 72 page issue to bring you the latest and greatest in the artistic world...Hope you like it! I'm pleased as punch to get it completed before I can breathe and take time to enjoy the season that is rapidly arriving.

Last night was an Open House at Vintage At Heart. There was a chill in the air which really made it feel like winter was on it's way. Connie agreed it was time to break out the Highland Wools to keep warm!

Connie's son Jake did a stellar job of playing his guitar and serenading us all evening.

It's a time for saying "thanks"...and my book "In This House" seemed like the appropriate book to display in the window.
Introducing Mairaude who is our fall ac studio 9 Theatre Doll. She's adorned with wheat and feathers, wears a miniature pocket shawl with one of my images on the pocket and she holds the word 'gather' on hand embroidered fabric. Her skirt provides a 'theatre' beneath where a cornucopia of the season resides. Mairaude is available at Vintage At Heart.

Tiffini is the owner of Vintage At Heart. Hope you'll visit her fabu store if you're in the area.
Check out this cool article that appeared on My Daily Find to learn more about her store.

Also I was part of an article on digital art in the Australian magazine "Get Creative."
Click here to read it.

Next post I promise I will rummage through those trunks and start posting those memories from the past...And I will decide on what I will call it...In the meantime...since it's the season to count our blessings...thank you for following my humble blog...and for hanging in there when time runs short and I don't post regularly. I leave you now with a picture of me and my shadow I took as I left the event last night...


Seth said...

Ordered my copy of #8. Cannot wait till it arrives!

carlotta1924 said...

so glad to know that vintage at heart is just around the LA area. i'd like to visit that place when i get the chance to go to the US again.

congratulations on the newest issue of your art zine :)