Saturday, November 28, 2009

done and dusted...

With Thanksgiving under our belts (literally) the holidays can't be far behind. I was truly overwhelmed by all the responses to my question...What to call my archival postings...and I must say you are a clever bunch that follow my blog. There were many good suggestions...some were right on...but being unruly as I am... (I inherited from my Dad the love of a play on words) when all was 'said and done' I chose 'done and dusted'...thanks Pat...
I do plan to use some of your ideas in the future keep an eye out for them.

Posting these pictures on my blog means I need to scan them...and that's my motivation scan some of these old memories on a back up drive for...I don't know what...but some of these things are dusty and falling to preserve them all in one place seems the right thing to do.

These are from a modeling gig for I don't remember what. Perhaps it was to test different sepia tones. I don't even remember who the photographer was, I would have credited them...(sorry whoever you are, there is no stamp on the back of these shots.) But I loved the NY skyline backdrop in the background, and they have inspired me art wise...

The model in this photo below with me is Jill Andrus. We went to Milan together to model when I was 19. Now that was an adventure.


Tiglizzyclone said...

Done and Dusted! I always liked those words Dusty, Dusky, Sandusky! Those are lovely pictures of you! Milan! That is so cool!

Wburgcanchaser said...

Goes well, 'Done and Dusted'. You've had amazing opportunities and I'm looking forward to a glimpse at some of them. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Worth preserving.

Gerushia's New World said...


Oh my gosh, these photos bring back so many memories. I don't remember these exact photos, but I DO remember you as a model. I was in Elementary school and my friends and I thought you were just gorgeous! (and you still are).

This is so much fun. Thanks for letting your blog readers share in your memories!

If you get a chance, stop by my blog. I'm having a give-away for some of my art prints.

Gerushia's New World

Eddy From Canada said...

Obviously 'Lost In Space' should have run another 5 or 6 years more than it did! We were denied our weekly viewing of the ever-so-pleasant Penny when the series was cancelled after only 3 years.

Sigh, these pictures show us how the Robinson's youngest daughter would soon become the prettiest face on the '60s TV landscape.

Thank you for sharing these, Angela.

margo said...

Congrats to Pat. Love the name.

Love the photos too. I love hoop earrings. I just made a pair today incidentally.

Lynnelise said...

Beautiful pictures... and a beautiful blog!!!

James said...

Hi Ms Cartwright, I love those pictures of you. You look so beautiful,and mysterious..... so like myself.... Tiglizzyclone,you must never have lived on a gravel road....Thank you for your wonderful blog.

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TerryD said...

I can't wait to see more of your Done & Dusted. I literally grew up with you (since we are the same age) and watched everything you were on. I found your blog through Suze Weinberg and have loved going down memory lane. Oh for the good old days. However I wouldn't change now for anything.

Thanks fro sharing.

Pat Shawyer said...

Well I have only just seen that you liked and chose my idea "Done & Dusted" Thankyou Angela, I'm truly honoured !!
Have a great Christmas

medical tourism said...

What a very beautiful photos. Great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Im Jills daughter and I told her I found this photograph and she was so happy. She told me to try to say hello to you!

Eileen Rodriguez said...

They are Beautiful Photo's of a Beautiful Person that you are, I've loved you since days of old. Never meeting you but grew up with you, I'm so happy to be a friend of yours on FB. I So enjoy all your Artworks as well...Done and Dusted fits we basically look back at things hidden and to bring them out most need Dusting...Love you to Pieces!