Saturday, March 15, 2008

ode to green...

Tis almost St. Patrick's I know I am not Irish...but I can't help but celebrate a people that love to celebrate. And I did have some fabulous times in Ireland. My friend Judy (from the West side)...sent me the most hilarious book called "The feckin' book of everything Irish"...and I got a good many laughs from it. If you are not Irish, it is at least a good thing to have an Irish friend.

I broke my beloved teapot lid...I love this teapot...I bought it in England over 10 years ago and it makes a really fine cuppa char (as my mum used to say)...but...with a broken lid there was only one thing left to do with it...make it a planter for miniature daffodils...
So when my friend Judy (from the East side) was in town we went and did some walking...and I bought myself a new the same English company, Emma Bridgewater. I just love it...It says Tea In The Garden on the lid and is adorned with cherries.
Here it is sitting next to Jiminy Cricket on my window sill...all ready for some water on the boil to make it's its very first brew. I do love my tea.
So this March 17th don't forget to wear green...just's a cool color...

May the most you wish for
be the least you get.
May the best times you've ever had
be the worst you will ever see.
celtic blessing


Anonymous said...

My great-great-grandmother was Irish so I can relate to St. Patrick's Day. :) Love the tea pots. Sorry you broke the lid. The planter idea is so cute. I love tea too but ice tea.

Angie in AZ said...

Sorry about your lid! But the new tea pot is darling. I have a collection of vintage Hall tea pots from the 30's and 40's and one, in particular, doesn't have a lid and I often use it for fresh cut flowers. It's great for a tight bunch with short stems. Love the planter idea too but I know I'd kill whatever I planted in it! And since you are a tea drinker, have you ever tried Red Tea from Africa, also called Rooibos. It has a mild flavor, not as grassy as green tea, and the color is amazing! I let my used tea bags sit to dry and then cut them open, dump out the tea leaves, and use the bag as collage material! The bags stains a gorgeous burnt sienna color. It's truly beautiful. One of my most favorite collage materials. So I drink a lot of the tea!