Thursday, March 06, 2008

making room...

Are the last days of winter getting you down? Do you need a laugh or two? Well I have just the thing to bring you out of the doldrums....S'more Entertainment has released the 6th season of "Make Room For Daddy" on DVD. Now it's pretty exciting...because these early classic shows have appeared here and there on TV ...but never has there been the entire 6th season on a DVD. The folks at S'more Entertainment have done a fabulous job of restoring 12 hours and 50 minutes of sitcom comedy to pristine condition.

I gotta say I had a few belly laughs watching
Linda's Giant and Linda's Locket. They are funny.... I was on this show for 7 seasons...and all these memories are tied up in these shows and it is a treat to watch them again. Five discs and 32 episodes with Guest Stars like Lucillle Ball, Jack Benny and Dinah Shore to name a few. It also has extras which include never before seen interviews Marjorie Lord, Sid Melton and moi.
The set is a steal at
or you can buy it at the S'mores site.


ann h said...

Hi Angela, I just loved your show.It brings back alot of happy memories.Wouldn't you just love to go back in time and recapture those wonderful moments.I really miss those days.I want to order the whole set.Didn't Hans Conreid(?) play Uncle Tonuse(can't spell his name).I remember he pinched you in one episode.It was really cute.Thanks for sharing all those great memories.

Anonymous said...

I thought Make Room for Daddy was such a fun show. I could relate to you Angela. I was your age and I have an older brother and sister like you did on the show so it was like watching my own family. My dad kinda looked like Danny Thomas and my mother looked like a movie star. So it was all so familiar. I want those DVDs. I loved the opening of the show when you and Rusty were being rushed off to school and then came back in the door and said it's Saturday. lol.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked the show plenty, but the MAIN reason I'm buying it, is because that 'moi' person is in it. They couldn't have picked a better child actress than the moi kid.

firstborn studio said...

i completely adored this show...rusty was one of my very early crushes,then of course bill mumy and christpher are one lucky girl!

you might as well know that i have always thought you were pretty doggone great,too!


Amanda A. Brooks said...

Thank goodness for reruns-TV LAND-I love MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY.
I loved when you guys appeared on I LOVE LUCY. Do you remember filming that episode? What was it like working with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and Vivian Vance and William Frawley?

Anonymous said...

I hope they sent you a copy of the DVD!

Joyce said...

Last week while in Disney World with the family, we had lunch at a little place called the 50's Primetime Cafe. They were playing snippets from classic 50's sitcoms on the TVs over the tables. Sure enough it wasn't long before "Make Room for Daddy" was on. It was the episode where Danny and Kathy switched roles for a day. Between the black and white TV and authentic 50's decore, I felt like a 5 year old again. You even had to follow 50's table manners. The kids had it rough but we had a ball.