Thursday, March 01, 2007

cap-turing vegas

There's an article in the brand new issue of "Belle Armoire" magazine on my cap-tured images in jewelry and trinkets. TARTX aka Tiffini Electra X makes them out of bottlecaps using my images. Tiffini does an amazing job and I just love the way they look. You can see and even order them by going to the Pasticcio Bizarre on my website.

This last weekend my brother Chris and I went to visit my parents at their home in Las Vegas. We set them up on their brand new computer, made our way around the glittering city and played some Bingo. I got an neck ache because they called the numbers so fast and I had so many cards. I have yet to yell BINGO!

Noteworthy: You can take strange pictures when you do it at arms length.

I have switched over to the NEW and improved Blogger. It was supposed to be painless...but alas it was not. Hope it all works ok.

Here's 2 pages from a Soulful Journey.


Shari said...

I have made the switch to the new and improved Blogger too. The jury is still out as to how I like the results and how "user friendly" it really is!! Your pages from Soulful Journey are very nice. I read your blog often---I don't comment often. Tonight I had a few extra minutes and decided to let you know I like your work.
-shari schneider

Anonymous said...

hi Angela,

I've known your name in the mixed media art world for some time and (not sure? but I think?) you are friends with Sarah F. who I've been involved with in a art journal swap these last several months..

Anyway, I guess I "subbed" to your blog on Bloglines at some point and today it seems to have given me the last 6 months plus of your blog! I was scrolling down looking thru the pictures and my eyes were caught by your gorgeous doggy, Peyton. I wanted to write and ask you what kind of dog it is. We lost our beloved sheltie mix last summer and I've been "researching" (i.e. looking at photos!) of smallish dogs for when we finally get another.. Is Peyton a sheltie? The "mix" part of ours made him almost as big as a collie with very thick fur.. but he was gorgeous and a sweetheart.

But then.. I scrolled a bit further and - I had no idea you were "Penny"! I loved Penny! I grew up watching Lost in Space and Penny was by far my favorite character. Having lost my dad at an early age, and with a working mom, I coveted "family" shows - even families in space!

And of course I knew you from the Sound of Music too.. and other things..

If you have a moment to reply to me about Peyton my email is mmhubbell @ earthlink . net

thanks - and nice to "meet" you!

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

Kristen Robinson said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time what a blessing it is to be with family!

Anyone that has not checked out Tiffini's charms must they are FANTASTIC.


~jolene said...

How nice to sign on and see wonderful photos of your parents and brother.

Just looking into the faces of your family it all makes sense that you grew to be the woman you are.

Tiffini has done GREAT things with your images -- what an honor that must feel like to each of you!

Amanda A. Brooks said...

what a beautiful family you have, angela. :) you are so blessed to still have your mom and dad. :) love, amanda

Anonymous said...

MS Cartwright, your parents look soooo sweet. Its wonderful that you still have them both. But keep them away from the slots or you will have no inheritance.LOL. >PEACE

Anonymous said...

Your parents look so sweet. It is wonderful that they are getting familiar with a new computer. Hope they have lots and lots of fun.

Did you win at bingo??

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention that I can't wait to go over and look at your work.

All the best.

Sam I Am said...

Hi Angela..
what a beautiful blog..and website! I thoroughly enjoyed looking thru your beautiful pictures! Any chance that your Black and White club will someday accept digital photos??
Would love to exchange blog links with you!! Let me know..

Amanda A. Brooks said...

angela, you can either respond here or at
you said you switched over to the new blog and it was not painless. did you lose some of your work? what happened? i want to know before i switch over so i don't lose anything. if i don't switch over, will the blog eventually not work or switch me over automatically. hope you'll let me know what happened. thanks. -amanda

ac said...

Allow some time when switching over your blog. Bit by bit my old blog was not working right. I couldn't make the links work, pics took forever to download...I don't think I lost anything...
no I did not win at bingo and I have yet to utter that word!
you must let me post a pic of your new family member when that happens
sorry but the 4260 black and white guild will never accept digital black and white. It's nothing against digital, it's just this guild celebrates film only.

Amanda A. Brooks said...

angela, thank you for relying. one more question-can i stay on the blog i'm on, or will i be forced to switch over eventually. i don't want to change blogs. will i have to? -amanda

Carrie said...

I'm so happy I found your blog :) We used to go to Rubber Boots in Toluca Lake all the time and really miss it! It was so warm and inviting... I think your store inspired us to open up our own shop in LA :) So, a big thank you for setting the bar so high ;)

Anonymous said...

Even at arm's length, you have very photographic family members!