Monday, November 06, 2006

the dwelling place

Some new pages for an old altered book

a new twist on an old classic good job Gwen - Wind It Up!


Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Awesome altered pages - I especially love the soft tones you used. They makes the pages super dreamy =)

Amanda A. Brooks said...

yeh!!!! glad you liked gwen's take on the lonely goatherd. she also did a take on if i were a rich man from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. -amanda

Anonymous said...

Check out Gwen's video Wind It Up with Gwen as Maria and her Harajuku Girls as some of the von Trapp kids (which one is ac? lol) at
and go to
Video : Wind It Up
Windows: 300K
or Real: 300K
Added: 11/11/2006

Her take on the SOM bed scene and the sewing of the curtain play clothes are particularly amusing!


Kristen Robinson said...

SO lovely Angela!!! Love the texture.

My Best-

Amanda A. Brooks said...

let us know what you think, angela, about gwen's video. :)
this should be cool. -amanda

Amanda A. Brooks said...

just watched the video. i can definitely see gwen as a hip maria. she'll really give captain von trapp something to sing about. :)