Thursday, November 02, 2006


If you know me you know I am a huge fan of '24' and I have been so patient waiting for the new season to begin in January 2007. So imagine my glee when I was sent this link to pacify me until January. So I thought I would post it here if suspense and thrillers are your thing too.
Miss you Jack...
24 trailer


Becky and Stacey said...

Thanks for posting the link! I can hardly wait for January! Can't wait to see Jack save the world once again!

BellaKarma said...

Do you know how hard it is to hold your breath for 60 minutes?
That's the price I pay to watch The Jack Bauer Power Hour.

Trudi said...

Jack Bauer rules! (And Kiefer is a fellow Canadian!! YAY!).

I think 24 is one of the very best shows on television. I pretty much chew off my fingernails during the last 10-15 minutes of every show! What kills me is that you never know who to trust. Just when someone from CTU shows up to save the day, it turns out they're bad and you want to jump into the tv and strangle them for betraying the team.

January 2007...seems so far away. What a long wait between seasons.

Hey you think Audrey will be back this season? I see her on the new show called "The Nine" when I'm channel surfing once in a while. Perhaps she had time to do this new show while 24 was on hiatus.

I haven't been here for a while so it's nice to see that you're still blogging. I'm a huge SOM fan, I am the moderator of the SOM Message Board, I'm a photographer (I hope you check out my blog and my website to see my photos), a fellow blogger, and very tired...I'm going to bed. Night all!)

Anonymous said...

my parents, esp. my mom, loves kiefer. :) did you know 24 will be made into a movie for the big screen? :)

Amanda A. Brooks said...

angela, this is of interest for SOMites. so i guess this song is a take on the lonely goatherd. -amanda

New Gwen Stefani - "Wind It Up"

Discobelle's got the first single from Gwen's forthcoming The Sweet Escape (out 12/5). Give her (or the Neptunes?) points for unpredictability: that sample's from Sound Of Music's "The Lonely Goatherd." And yes, there's yodelling! As for the lyrics, nothing new: they're about dancing, fucking, and John Galliano. On a scale of 1 to Shit Is Bananas, "Wind It Up" gets only a 4. But the bright side will be watching Fergie try to sample "Edelweiss" before XMas.

Gwen Stefani - "Wind It Up" (MP3)
to listen, it's under the gwen stefani article, the first one on the page.

Trudi said...

Hey Angela, did you know there's a "24" magazine? I had no idea, but I was in my local bookstore the other day and saw it. I was in a big hurry and couldn't take time to buy it, but plan to go back soon.