Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yesterday was my birthday...I spent it doing some art, playing on the computer,(reading all the good wishes sent my way - thanks all) and watching a movie with the family and going out to dinner. It was perfect.
The picture on the left is a picture Jesse took of me at the dinner table having a grand old time. He took it with my brand new birthday gift...the Canon SD 600 which I love, love, love... It's lighter and smaller then the Canon I used to carry in my purse...and SO much fun to play with. He really liked this shot...and I must say the movement caught the energy of the dinner...we had lots of laughs.
Here's the first picture I took with my new digital camera of my kids Becca and Jesse...

Our waitress took this family photo of us all...there I am breaking the rules and wearing white after Labor bold am I in my old age!

and then she brought me out a huge slice of chocolate cake to go with my cosmopolitan...pure decadence...


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing the family portrait! What a photogenic family! And that piece of cake looks doubt just like you had imagined it would be years ago. (lol)


Amanda A. Brooks said...

what a great day you must have had. and the photos are beautiful. :) what movie did you watch, if you don't mind my asking? i always do dinner and movies for my bday.

Aline Banhara said...

Such a beautiful family! I'm a bit late here, but congratulations for your day anyway. Keep the energy that bring so much joy to so many people! All the best, Aline.

KLeniger said...

Those kind of birthdays are the best..

Joyce said...

We should all look so good in our "old" age. I think that you must have a portrait hidden away somewhere that is aging for you.

~jolene said...

Who could ask for more on their birthday...surrounded by the three love's of your life.

Cheers to you as you celebrate another year living your creativity out loud!!

Happy Happy :)

Bernie Berlin said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!!!
I hope it was the BEST!!
How could it not be, with chocolate and family!!

I'll be another year older as well on the 17th:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had one terrific birthday. What a beautiful family you are. My brother and I are September babies, too (10th and 15th). Oh, but these B-days seem to come around often, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday from one September 9th birthday girl to another. :) Loved the photos!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy belated Birthday Angela
It sounds like it was a perfect one


Erika Tysse said...

A couple of days late - sending warm wishes your way! Hope you had a great day!

Deb said...

Happy (albeit belated!) birthday... what a beautiful family... you are truly blessed!

Deb said...

Happy late BD, gal.

Looks like it was a grand one.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Angela.
I celebrated my 55th this summer. I also got my master's degree - at my ripe old age!!

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Would anyone out there have advice-perhaps their own experiences or those of friends that could enlighten me a little? Does anyone know of a good rehab facility?

Thanks so much.

Team Lee said...

Hi Angela,

I am a teacher in Los Angeles and was doing a search on the former Von Trapp children and found your site! Since I'm at a performing arts magnet school, I wanted to teach the children "Do Re Mi" and "So Long, Farewell" and do a little choreographed rendition of it!

Anyway, Happy (belated) birthday to you! You look wonderful!You have such a handsome family...

By the way, I have the Canon SD550 and I love it too! Canons make such great and easy-to-use cameras!


Happy belated birthday!

Congraduations, you made to fif...oops, I mean thirty nine! You look better than some at thirty or younger. What's important, however, is feeling good and staying happy as much as possible even if the world is full of lunatics.

Somewhere on the other side of the world.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Angela!!

Your kids are so good looking however I dont think they look like you. Jesse has your colouring but still doesnt look like you. Doesnt matter they are gorgeus!!

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday angela!!

Your kids dont resemble you except for jesse's colouring which he got from you. I think they more resemble your husband.

They are so good looking!!

vicci said...

Happy Birthday Angela....Sounds like you had a good one!!!