Saturday, September 16, 2006

loose ends

I have been busy tying up some loose ends this week that seem to get unraveled when you are nearing a deadline. Thank you all for the birthday wishes you all sent my way...No matter how old one's comforting to think you are in someones thoughts...

Speaking of birthdays...ever since July I have been meaning to post a few pages from the altered book I made for my daughter Becca's 25th birthday. 25...I can hardly believe it...I called it XXV and included 25 of my favorite photographs that I have taken of her over the years along with 25 powerful words to keep floating in her life at all times. I started altering the book in Celine Navarro's class which I took at The Creative Underground in Fort Collins, Colorado when I visited there in April. I completed it right before her birthday on July 15th. In the back of the altered book I attached an envelope that holds a DVD her brother Jesse edited together compiled from the thousands of feet of video footage that my hubby Steve has shot over the years...They went through the footage and Jesse edited it together with music. It lasts over an hour. There are moments that are downright hilarious but when Andrea Bocelli sings...'Because We Believe' at the end...I cry everytime.
Anyway...back to the altered book...Becca was always such a willing model...(a photographers dream) she would revel in playing dress up in a wide array of outfits and then having her picture taken. Over the past 25 years I have acquired a huge library of images of my kids at all moments in their the hardest part for me was choosing the photographs I wanted to put in the book...most of them I picked because of the memory attached to them...I could easily do a XXV part deux.
Here are a few pages...

If you want to see more I posted it here: XXV

I love this link...give it a try...
Be An Artist


Anonymous said...

Your photos of your daughter are just beautiful. What wonderful memories the book will bring to her far into the future. She seems to be a born model!

Joyce said...

Your daughters birthday book is absolutely beautiful. What a lucky girl to have such a treasure to help remember all those special moments with her mum.
The art link was so much fun! Can't wait to share it with my grandson tomorrow. He's four 1/2 and quite the budding artist.

Amanda A. Brooks said...

angela, she must have been so touched by such a beautiful book. :) what a great mom. :) isn't it funny how both your kids have blonde hair when yours is black? the wonder of genes. :)

KLeniger said...

Wow.... Interesting, beautiful and in a way very moving..

James Baker said...

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Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Hi Angela!
I absolutely love the altered book you made for your daughter - it's lovely and elegant, and I'm sure she will treasure it more and more with each passing year.
I have to tell you, your artwork is incredible - I especially love the nostalgic feeling to it & how each piece of paper and line and image combines to tell a story... Thanks so much for sharing your work & talent! =)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved looking at all the pics. Your daughter is beautiful and how lucky were you to have such a wonderful and willing model