Monday, May 22, 2006

yesterday...and today...

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary...30 years...Here is my husband Steve and me in London on a bench in Hyde Park. We were able to take the most wonderful honeymoon...treking through Europe at the beginning of the journey of our lives together.

Here we are 30 years later...

I commissioned artist extraordinaire Claudine Hellmuth, to do a family portrait of our family as my gift to Steve to celebrate our 30 years. We're still sitting on the bench...(see the original photo taken 30 years ago on the bench beside me?) but we have our kids Becca and Jesse, and our pets Peyton and Kachina that fill out our lives now. Claudine did an exceptional job of capturing our family and creating a memory of this moment in time. Everyone just loves it. I found the perfect place to hang it today.
If you are interested in Claudine's commissions check out her link...
Claudine Hellmuth Commissions
Thanks Claudine...we Love our family portrait!

Earlier in the day we had gone to see 'DaVinci Code'...the critics are crazy...and the hoopla ridiculous...hello...this IS a Hollywood movie you know...and it's a really Good movie...I read the book ages ago and thought Ron Howard totally captured the essence of the book and all it's intensity...right on Ron...
Ronnie sure has come a long way from the days we spent together on the Desilu lot where we were in adjacent stages shooting "The Danny Thomas Show" and "The Andy Griffith Show" (did you know Andy Griffith's show was a spin off from an episode Andy & Ron did on our show? (I wonder what was so funny to us when this shot of Ron & me was taken...)

After a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite places, the kids joined us to watch Jack Bauer end his grueling day on the 2 hour season finale of '24'...The world is a safer place with Jack Bauer in it...oh that's right...I have to remember it's a TV show....It's going to be a long 7 months till the show starts up again...then again, 30 years sure has gone by quickly, so I guess I can wait another 7 months...


BellaKarma said...

What? Jack Bauer isn't a real person? Now I'm afraid to venture out my own front door! All this time I thought we were safe!


Happy Anniversary! Love the photo at Hyde Park -- and the portrait!

Aline Banhara said...

Happy Anniversary, Angela! I wish all happiness for you and your beautiful family.

I don't understand the fuss about the Da Vinci Code, either. It's a very good movie, thrilling. It's true that they didn't need to change certain parts (specially the end...where is THE kiss?? Lol...), but, considereing it's an ADAPTED script, it was very well done. The actors are magnificent there. Point to Ron Howard!

Take care, Aline.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful honeymoon that must have been!

My husband and I will be married 28 years on July 1. We went to Rockport, MA for our honeymoon and stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast inn.

I love the portrait! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Angela! both pictures, beautiful.....I want a Claudine Hellmuth picture too!
Maybe when I do my first bellydance performance LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! 30 years is quite an accomplishment these days.
I went back and found Raven Blues, it's right across the street from my son's new mother-in-law's shop "Kitchen Carousel".
Picked up some wonderful things. I was happy to find another Anam Cara,as well as a few new AC art pieces. It would have been so sad to have come 3000 miles only to miss it just across the street. Left all my vacation money in Poulsbro. What fun it was!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations 30yrs wonderful!
Fabulous photo you look so happy and relaxed.

Amanda A. Brooks said...

So glad you enjoyed The Da Vinci Code. I loved it. Great cast. I loved Ron in Andy Griffith, Happy Days and The Music Man. -Amanda Brooks

Amanda A. Brooks said...

P.S. Forgot to say-awesome family portrait!!! What did your family think when they first saw it? They must have been so touched. Love, Amanda Brooks

Amanda A. Brooks said...

Great pic of you and your husband. I can see so much love shining through. You looked beautiful, Angela. Still do. Where did you two meet if you don't mind my asking. I'm a sucker for romance. I write romance novels. -Amanda Brooks

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Anniversary Angela and Steve!

I particularly loved the use of the earlier bench photo on the new bench...brilliant.

I tried to date your photo at Spotlighter awards, so I web searched for Spotlighter and Cartwright, and back came a photo of a fan's "Birds" sandwich!
I wonder who those 2 beautiful "Birds" sandwich women are? (lol)

Based on "spin-off" lineage, I guess "Gomer Pyle, USMC" was also a result of your show!

As always, Angela, thanks for sharing with your fans.

Holly Loves Art said...

Congrats on your years together, Angela. And I just love the piece by Claudine - it's really lovely!

Erika Tysse said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the photos, keep them coming! Wishing you a happy 30 years more!

Kim said...

Happy belated wedding anniversary!
When was that picture of you and Ron Howard taken?

claudine hellmuth said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you like the artwork!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Anniversary!!
What a cute photo of you two!!
Love the Claudine piece!!!!

tiffini elektra x said...

Those pictures of you are gorgeous Angela! Wow I love the one on the bench. Claudine's piece came out great - Peyton looks adorable.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Fun to read your blog and see these great photo's. I want to try and make it to the ART bar tomorrow, perhaps I will see you there.