Saturday, April 01, 2006

smart cat! cat with attitude!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

Your cat and mine could be twins! I've had my "tuxedo" cat for about 7 years now....boy, does she have attitude! How long have you had your cat?

Anonymous said...

I love that! Perfect image with the quote. :)

firstborn studio said...

darling x 10!

Amanda A. Brooks said...

Do your cat and dog get along? -Amanda Brooks

Babsarella said...

That is just too funny! Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaawwwwww...too cute. I'm a big cat lover.

tiffini elektra x said...

Your cat is adorable!
P.S. I am getting so excited for the secret - I can not even stand it!!

Anonymous said...

hello, angela! i think its wonderful to see what you and your sister veronica are doing these days. i grew up in the Valley in the fifties and sixties, so i was a kid along with you, and remember all both of your work. i mentioned to veronica that you both aged soooo much better than i did..=)
i love your work, i am enthralled with the one called "toto too", and your mosaic pieces. i am a mixed media artist and know many people on your links list(erika, teesha, claudine..). my website is, and i have more recent collage and other things on my flickr site which is
i wish you well with your work! thank you so much for sharing it. take care!
deb jacobs
portland, oregon

ac said...

Do my dog and cat get along? As long as they are not in the same room together.
Kachina is too old and wise to spend time with a bouncing puppy.

Anonymous said...

Undercover, Dream Catcher, Solitude, and Tree Music are some of my favorites. Undercover and Dream Catcher have stories to tell.

Kachina Kitty is very cute! My 21 yr. old daughter recently moved back home for a few months and brought her cat with her. Her cat gets along fine with my 2 yellow labs - (surprisingly) - since she had previouly never seen anything outside of my daughter's apartment.

Do you have other art shows coming up in the future to prepare for now?

I just went over to your sister's site and was very surprised at all of the parts she has played. I didn't realize she had played in so many roles.

You both seem to be very grounded for growing up in show business. Your parents must have done a good job.
Did your children ever consider the idea when they were little? (I saw that your son is getting into it now).

What do you think about children growing up in the business?

Cathy said...

Hi Kachina

From Ezri and Dax

kelly rae said...

how cute is that cat!? just discovered your blog and your art. and i just love every bit of it! i looked at every single photo of your 'beyond the pale' show and i just couldn't get over it. really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Angela,

A bigger fan of yours than me, you'll never find! I grew up watching you with D. Thomas and on L. in Space and in TSoM. I had a Linda Williams doll, of my few dolls that I'm sad to say, I don't know what happened to it! I want to find another some day.

I love what you're doing in the art world.

God bless you & yours!

Beth Davis in AL

Anonymous said...

nice cat