Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pasticcio Quartz 15 - Finally

Time to celebrate the season with Pasticcio Quartz 15
Yes, it's finally here. Between its covers? Art (a boatload of it), history (mustn't neglect a solid education), art (still more), ideas & info (to help you navigate the world with ease), art ('cuz you can never get enough), ideas & musings (it's always good to know what everyone else is thinking), art ('cuz there can never be enough), ideas & projects (to keep you out of trouble), and oh, did we mention, there's art? And celebrities: Nellie Cashman, Erin Currier, Donald Hendricks, William Travilla are just a few of the renowned and venerable artists and entrepreneurs we discuss, or hold discussions with. Order today! 
Pasticcio Quartz is the perfect gift for yourself and all your most discerning friends.

Sarah and I have been working on this Zine for months now... Life just kept getting in the way... but we are elated... thrilled to bring you the latest edition of Pasticcio Quartz, just in time for the holidays.  And we are happy to say...that if you missed any earlier issues of Pasticcio quARTz - Like Issues 1-14... we have lowered the price to the bare minimum... so pick those issues up now... while you still can....


Seth said...

Yay. Just ordered from Lulu. Looking forward to all the amazingness on its pages.

Joyce said...

A new Pasticcio for Xmas, it's become a little holiday tradition. Looking forward to an artful holiday.

JEDI said...

Hi Angela

Happy new year for you and all your family