Sunday, January 15, 2012

here are the winners!

Thank you...all who participated in my Pasticcio Quartz Giveaway!

I loved your favorite things...
here are the winners...


Please leave me your mailing address in the comment box below...(I won't publish it)
and I'll send pasticcio quartz issue 12 to you right away.
Thanks for playing...


Unknown said...

Congrats to the winners!

James said...

DANG IT! For my winning word I was going to say either "Beads", "Sunshine", or "Periwinkle". I could not decide so I got nervous and blurted out "Winner". Please have another contest real soon, now that I know what words to choose. My congrats to Cheyenne, CoolJ, and SPF....and may BEADS of SUNSHINE wilt all your PERWINKLES. :0)

Cooljinglepuff said...

I won??? I WON!!! Yesshhh!!! Thanks Angela!!! I'm sending my particulars over now. =P

ac said...

Just so you all know...I printed out what you had all had written in my comments and blindly hand picked the three winners for the PQ mags. Though I loved what your fav words were, I did not pick the winners by the words you had chosen. I do plan to use those words in a future piece of my art, where you may or may not see it...

somepinkflowers said...

how wondrous!

i am thrilled 2 pieces
but mostly
i just love how life
and brings one things


isn't life grand!