Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sky's the limit...

on a quick trip to vegas...i saw an amazing changing sky...


Thufer said...

What a wonderful road trip. Pretty sky.

somepinkflowers said...

nothing is as Magic
the Sky


it is
the Ocean


{{ the trick,
i think,
is 2 make time to notice... }}

farmlady said...

Oh, this is a great idea. Taking photos of the changing sky on a trip.
That one... the third one down on the right is amazing. The storm clouds are ominous and powerful but very beautiful in their own way.
Great idea!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Oh so lovely photos Angela! I drove to Vegas over the summer! There was one day of clouds, but it was mostly sun, sun, sun! The clouds are so much more pretty!

JoJo said...

Just gorgeous!!!! I love shooting the changing skies too. The bottom right photo has some very Maxfield Parrish clouds.

Little Leslie said...

Wow, I know, we were in San Francisco and the clouds were gorgeous there, (see my blog for the San Fran schooner post)
Take care,

JEDI said...

Hi Angela
waouh! Magnifiques photos

Mystical_Lucie said...

Your photos are breathtaking! I've never been to Vegas before but at least now I've seen what the sky looks like in that area (love that rainbow). I hope your folks are doing okay healthwise these days.

margo said...

Gorgeous. It reminds me of how kind the Almighty is to bless us with a beautiful Earth.

ang said...

nice photo
i like photography

Ronaldo said...

I do not speak English, but always admired Angela Cartwright. A kiss for Angela.

Rio de Janeiro