Monday, January 10, 2011

word of the day...redundancy

 Nothing like starting off a new year with your computer freezing up and your backup drive starting to beep...the beep of death...Thank goodness I believe in redundancy. With all the images I have, some of them in huge formats, I have always backed up my computer on 2 other drives. But last year, I invested in Carbonite...and let me tell you, it was well worth the yearly investment of $54.95. (Honest I don't work for's just a good thing I wanted to share.) It put my mind at ease because everything on my computer was backed up and I could pull it up easily. Being redundant really pays off, even if you decide you just load those precious images onto an external hard drive, you need to back up your files before you lose them.
I also used a really cool site today called Dropbox. I've used other sites like this before, but I really like how easy this was to take a huge file and drop it into a box for the other person to pick it up. 

Now...onto other things, like making art. It feels really good to take a paint brush in hand, layer papers, maps, ephemera, paint chips and top it all off with one of my images (that I rescued from being lost in cyberspace, due to my relationship with redundancy. 
Here's a few of the tableaux I finished over the weekend with Valentines Day in mind. There are others that you can see  in my etsy store if you so desire.
We're doing some painting around the house...some fixing and some organizing. I can feel it...this is the year to clean out and organize stuff...I'll keep you posted on how that's going. Hope you are getting stuff you need to get done also...It's a good beginning to a brand new year.


OH SNAP! said...

Love your Valentine work and carbonite IS the best! Happy New Year.

connie said...

busy girl! they are wonderful!

Joyce said...

I just put in an order for your Waterberry Green Tableux. With a big snowstorm coming tomorrow I am feeling the need for a little spring. At least it will be a good day for making art.

margo said...

I'm in the organizing and cleaning mood too.

Edward J. Thomas said...

The artwork looks great. What era are the post cards in the background from? They look like from France.

Tiglizzyclone said...

I just hate computers sometimes! I lost my laptop after 7 wonderful years... now I have a new one but it just isn't the same! After 2 months I am still getting used to the way the curser jumps around! And my big computer is so overloaded with pictures I fear it is going to crash sometimes soon!

I think I will look into some of what you have mentioned... soon!!

Seth said...

Having lost years of images on a busted computer I have decided that redundancy may be the word of the decaDE!

James said...

"Redundancy"..... I thought that was when you had to wear that silly little pointed hat two days in a row at school. I should know..., boy, should I ever know. How is the throwing out and organizing doing?. For me those are two very hard things to do. Esp. when I look around and its all trash...

Rebeca Trevino said...

thanks for the 'redundancy' tip. good advice.

scb said...

I so love your tableaux! My salmon one arrived today and I'm absolutely delighted with it! I also loved the way it was packaged!

I've decided that your name should be printed Angela cARTwright.

I, too, am workiong on major decluttering and revamping... and there's going to be a space for more Angela art in my Writing Room.

Diane said...

Gee I thought redundancy was when you were kicked out of your Shows how much I know. Thanks for the tip on saving backups... must rush away and do that and soon.
Throwing out and cleaning up is something I must do this year... but like a couple of others have already said it a hard habit to break, this collecting of "stuff".
I just Love, love, your Valentines artwork, it is gorgeous, so creative. Got to check out your etsy store.

Mystical_Lucie said...

Hi Angela,

Could you please tell me where I could purchase some of your larger tableaux, the 6" X 6" and 8" x 8" ones? I don't live anywhere near L.A., so I can't get to Gallery 8 in person. Do they sell your work online or do you sell them yourself? Thanks!

ac said...

You can buy my smaller 3x3 tableaux on my etsy site.

My larger pieces 6x6 and 8x8 are sold at the Gallery 8 in Studio City, California.
If you are interested in these pieces you can call the Gallery 8 and talk to Lauren and they will tell you which ones are available.
The Color Theory Tableaux are at this link:

I sell these pieces through the gallery 8.

You can call Lauren at 818-752-7511
or email her from their contact page and she will tell you what is available and prices.
Here is the Gallery 8 link...though some of these have been sold and the newest ones are there now.
Here is the gallery 8 link.

Thanks for your interest

Mystical_Lucie said...

Thank you so much for the info Angela. I've already purchased one of your smaller pieces on Etsy and I'm planning on buying 1 or 2 more of those to create a grouping. However, I'm also hoping to acquire one or two of the larger ones as well.

By the way, I'm loving the new etchings you recently posted in your Etsy store too, lovely work!