Wednesday, April 21, 2010

part 5...lock your love on the great wall

First stop once we docked in Xingang...the Great Wall of China.
  jesse. jack. becca on the great wall

My favorite part of the Great Wall was the thousands of locks running up the side of the wall on a chain. Apparently you take a lock to the great wall and 'lock your love forever'.

"Locks of love are the padlocks fixed by loving couples, on to a fence or a pole or metallic chain/string alongside some wall etc at a public place, to symbolize their eternal love. A couple would hang a padlock after inscribing their name or initials on it and throw the key away so that their love is locked forever. Some couple use two inter-twined locks, each lock bearing their name/initials. Besides lovers, often family members and close friends also put such locks at these places, to lock their relationship forever." click here for more about locks of love


Thufer said...

This just keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much for offering such insight into your travels.

James said...

I have only one word for your pictures...WOWZIR..WOW ZIR... or is that two words..?? Beautiful photos, taken by a person with beautiful talent, who is....... beautiful.

James said...

I love the Locks. So romantic. But, I think I would rather use shoelaces than locks. They are tied in such a way that all day they hold fast and tight. At the end of the day,however, they loosen easily, you take off your shoes and place them in a closet. The next day you can change shoes,if you like, using the same kind of knot.........WHAT?

Tiglizzyclone said...

Interesting... but in a way scary... to be so locked.