Saturday, September 19, 2009

a swaggering day...

Ever wonder where the stars get all that cool stuff they wear. And they always seem to be on top of the trends? The Emmy's are on this Sunday and in Hollywood they hold these swag parties where people with really cool stuff give you gifts. It's kinda like Trick or Treating as an adult.
I went with my sister Veronica, whose new show Eastwick, will premiere this Wednesday the 23rd at 10:00 on ABC. Hope you are all going to watch!
Here's my sis in costume on the set...
Here is Veronica (not in costume) with her new sunglasses from Edge i Wear
Mine are in the top pic...I remember wearing glasses this big years ago...and now they are back!
They give you these ginormous bags to fill with goodies...
Here we are with the youngest entrepreneur there...Lexxie from Bags to Riches
And here's some links to some of the swell stuff we got...Maybe they will fill a spot on your holiday gift list.

Finders Key Purse
True Birds
Lazy Dog Designs
Celtic Sea Salt
Essence of Silk
Cape Clogs
Chris Galligan
Bee Posh
molla space
Bra Barrette
BoomBoom Cards
Two Hearts Designs
Smart Girls Who Surf
Elephants on the Wall
Rain vodka
Soldiers Angels
Twice Rice tote can contact Cima at
card from What a Dish


Tiglizzyclone said...

That photo of Veronica and her bag of goodies is so funny!

And you both look so glamorous in your sunglasses!

Swag parties sound like lots of fun!

sf said...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Somehow I feel lucky just peeking... thank you for the inside scoop!

scb said...

Fantastic swag! Love the sunglasses! And Veronica looks like she could have used wheels on those bags...

Thanks for sharing -- that was really cool!

ooglebloops said...

WOW! Free is good!!! LOL
I have always loved the big sunglasses - glad they are "back"!!!

Jann said...

Didn't know Veronica was on that new show . . . my hubby and I have been looking forward to the premiere episode! So glad to see her again--the last time I saw her on TV was on Boston Legal. What a fun event--the swag party--thanks for a glimpse into that world, it's always fun to see what famous people are up to!

ann h said...

What fun you all must have had.I'm waiting for Veronica's TV Show right now.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Boom Boom! Cards shout out on your website. It was truly an honor to meet you and your sister at the Emmys gift suite. We hope to see you at another event!

We posted your picture on our Facebook page. Thanks for taking the time to pose for a picture, it meant a lot.

Michel said...

Those shades are you!!

TotalD said...

Thank you for the list of links. Here is one you might lik , it's my friend Angie Jones site: Jonesie Cake

She makes feather head bands, girlie head wraps, unique headpieces, and floral hair accessories. (She is also a terrific 3D animator/painter/author as well )

Fran said...

I LOVE the show Eastwick. I sure hope it continues for several seasons. Eastwick is my all time favorite show on TV. Veronica is great in the show. I'm sure she's having lots of fun being on the show.

I remember those big sunglasses. They seem to come back in style ever now then; just like clothing.