Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pasticcio Quartz is now available!

It's here! Issue 7 of our quARTz! (Quality Art Zine). This issue is filled with tons of great stuff that Sarah Fishburn and I have put together.

GRAFFITI, ILLUSTRATION, and STENCIL artists take the spotlight in this special Fall edition of Pasticcio. Palais du Art is jam-packed with an abundance of artists old and new. Glean firsthand tips from a celebrated Hollywood caricature artist, read an in-depth interview with Traci Bautista, digest an "editorial" piece by the renowned blogger Seth Apter, and find directions for locating maybe a zillion industrious and influential artists. Pasticcio 7 is 4 pages longer for this go-round but costs no more!

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Seth said...

My order is in!! Looking forward to seeing the issue. Thanks for including me!