Sunday, June 21, 2009

dad's and anniversary's

Today of course is Father's day...and I have a very special Dad.
So talented, good natured and loving...
hugs to you are the best on the planet!

But today is also my parents 62nd Anniversary!

62 years ago my parents said "I do"
and I DO love you both...


margo said...

They are still a very lovely couple. My parents would have celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary this year. But my dad passed away in 1992.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

And Happy 62nd Anniversary to your parents!

Isn't that generation great!!? My mom turned 91 on Friday, June 19, God bless her. She was married to my dad for a little over 54 years. Sadly, my dad passed away in 2001. And I cannot express how much I miss him.

SusanH said...

Sorry but I have to say it - they are so cute!!!

Carol B said...

They look great and so happy in both pics.

scb said...

Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Cartwright! 62 years is definitely something to celebrate!

(Hope your Dad is well again now.)

Great pics of them -- thanks for sharing!

Pat Shawyer said...

A very nice tribute to your parents !

Anonymous said...

That isn't Debbie the Bloop hugging your dad, is it? Congrats to both your parents on making it to 62 years.

Fanciful Expressions said...

Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad. The pictures are very sweet. In their wedding photo I can see your resemblance to your mom.

Carolyn M

Andrea Meister said...

Dear Angela:

Happy 62nd Anniversary to your Mum and Dad!

Thank you for sharing your family photos and, especially, the pictures of your dad. Especially on Father's Day, when I miss mine so much, your dad makes me smile. As I have commented before, I think he's ADORABLE! (You definitely look like him!)

I also very much enjoyed the photos of the Trapp Family Lodge, where I have always wanted to visit. Your photos are excellent and your captions very informative. I loved the lake, which reminded me of the lake in SOM at the von Trapp villa where you lot all fall in.

Lastly, but not least, I very much enjoyed your playlist--so many of which are also favourites of mine--and the short film "Let Me In".

Your blog is always fun, but this month you have outdone your fine self and left me smiling and feeling quite cheery.

Thanks, again. All best wishes to you all,


Amanda A. Brooks said...

Happy 62!!!!!! :) My parents just celebrated 40-but that's nothing compared to 62. :)

ann h said...

I love the pictures of your parents.They are such a lovely couple.Happy Anniversary!