Sunday, May 10, 2009

lots to see and celebrate...

Just thought I would post about the event at Zinnia last night...
After dinner with the family and a raising of the glasses to celebrate the opening of my new clothing line AC Studio 9 created by me and my art muse Connie. (You can see some of Connie's fabulous miniature chairs at Zinnia if you make your way over there. If you live out of town she'll have some of her new designs in her Etsy store soon...check them out...they are amazing.)
Click the banner below to visit the store.
Not only did we have a showing of our clothing but there was Sarah and my new book "In This Garden" to celebrate and sign. Wish Sarah could have been there with me.

There was a great turnout...and it was such a lovely balmy evening. I had the original garden art that appears in the book for all to see...and everyone enjoyed looking at the fine art expression that went into each and every one of them.

It was also a big night for AC Studio 9 .

We had lots of our pieces there like the Stole 'n scarf, Art Vested, Museum Skirt and Ruana (shown below).

Here I am in our Sunlight silk Soleil. So perfect for a night like last night. Pics will be up on the ACStudio site soon showing the Soleil. I wanted to launch the site on Mother's Day so the rest of the pics will be up in the next week or so.

Another big hit was the ArtVested...which my sister Veronica couldn't resist.

Tamara the owner of Zinnia and a whirlwind full of creativity, is wearing our signature Stole 'N Scarf in Marigold - Connie's Stole 'N Scarf is in Cloud. (I sold the silk Soleil off my back so here I am in the cotton Soleil.) All are adorned with an Art Pin made from my handpainted artwork. Lots more to come soon!
Thanks to the Zinnia clan, Tamara, Paul, Joe and Suki for a great night.


ooglebloops said...

A clothing line also!! The pieces are beautiful!!

scb said...

Sounds as though it was a wonderful event! While you were at Zinnia, signing books, I was looking through my copy, and planning some art myself -- I'm going to give it a go!

I was drooling over some of the things in Studio 9... you're always up to something creative, aren't you? You're great inspiration!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Angela!!

Wow!!! Now I really wish I could have been able to go to Zinnia's!!
Oh how fun and exciting for you!!
I was wondering how I can place an order for your wearable art pieces??
I looked on your AC Studio site and could not see where to order. I will get the Atlanta gals down here wondering where I purchased something so fabulous!! Hugs, Susan in Georgia

Jeanie said...

Sunlight silk is fabulous! I'm new to visiting your blog, but not to your work through Somerset et. al. You've always been one of my favorites. It's lovely to be here.

ann h said...

You look beautiful in yellow!It is so exciting to know you are doing a clothing line!I'm going to check Barnes And Noble again for your new book.