Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

"Ghosts, Goblins and Kids"

Here I am getting dressed a few years ago for my big trick or treat night...

Eat chocolate and bee safe...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy Halloween, and thanks for *Said and Done* Treats.

sf said...

Chairs --- SWEET!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

What an adorable flashback!

Lysseus said...

Happy Hallowe'en Angela, such wonderful pictures and videos! Thank you so much for sharing.

A poem for the holiday...

Every Sound and Syllable
(Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta)
October 30, 1995

Down the dim lit corridor
Down the tunnel filled of light
Past the shadows all unknown
Past the cauldrons boiling bright

Every sound and syllable
Resonates within the mind
Sound and rhythm catching hold
Pull perceptions and unwind
Space into it's splintered web
Time into it's spiral shaft
Soft the rhythms pulse and thread
Ride awareness’ flow and ebb
Down, pull down the waves of mind
Down, pull down from summits high
Down, pull down and yet remain
Chords of rhythms, wax and wane

Every phrase that racks the mind
Casts shadows forth to dance attune
Every word with power lined
Every pause a pregnant cue
Languages their cultures form
Each discreetly resonate
Distinct within the mind is born
Arch’types to articulate
Down, pull down the waves of mind
Down, pull down from summits clear
Deep within the wells of rhyme
Deep within the rhythms—hear!

When we sit upon the peak
When we down the slope do slide
When the belt of waking reach
Into sleep we seek to hide
Chords of rhythms harmonise
Sleeping, waking, in between
Major themes and minor keys
Hold the mind in symphony
Down, pull down the waves of mind
Down, pull down from summits bright
Mix the rhythms we perceive
Worlds coalesced from diffuse light

Tiglizzyclone said...

Cute idea! a bee costume! My daughter Sarah wore cat ears, drew wiskers on her face, and wore black.

Anonymous said...

You were so adorable. No wonder your children are too. You are stunning still. The Almighty has really blessed you.

Captainsnaps said...

That was such a cute video! Where do you find these things!

Jann said...

Darling video . . . and your daughter is adorable, too--even though our children may be all grown up, with lives of their own they are still our sweet babies, aren't they? Smiles, Jann

ann h said...

The video is precious.I loved watching it.You were such a darling little girl.Becca looks cute in her costume.

James said...

I love the B&W pic ... So cute. Your daughter also looks so sweet. I love it, a bee packing a 45 caliber stinger.