Tuesday, September 09, 2008

opening doors...

Today I've been thinking...about the gates that are opening...
and the gates that have closed behind me...
Our friends are doing some construction...which made me think. What construction do I need to do in my own life? What needs to be built up...and what needs to be taken down. Cleaning house both physically and emotionally is a good thing to do...

Yep...today...I've been doing some thinking...


just jody said...

turning older has that effect on people! i did the same last week. happy birthday.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It really is a constant process, isn't it?

Joyce said...

There is nothing more satisfying than a good cleansing of both soul and home, it can be very freeing. It seems that with every birthday, we sort through our priorities and lighten our load. We are always evolving. Just let go and enjoy the journey! Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Angela! :)

You know, you have made me start thinking about what construction I need to do with my life too.


Tiglizzyclone said...

Change can be a good thing. Hope you had a wonderful and happy birthday!

Amanda A. Brooks said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I just had mine on August 30th.

maxcp5 said...

Exploring a series is construtive verse going in too many directions.
Exploring showdow art as a series of art is good.
I am reproving text art colors as i explorer other art... the Circle Ark.

Have a nice day.
Michael an artist in Fresno Ca.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Angela!!

Anonymous said...

Never be afraid to open a new gate. All gates were new gates at one time. Happy B-Day!!

Lysseus said...

Angela, a belated happy birthday...

When Dawn Comes To Greet Men
14 February 2000

When Dawn comes to greet men
In her gown of white satin
Away in the east, where her fragrant breath blows
She’ll take them all-newborn, till their memory’s forgotten
Away, away, to those mystical shores

Where they play in the garden
Lost in their daydreaming
Fantasies melting, one into one
And their lives seem eternal, Immortal and certain
They feed on the myths their parents have spun

When Day comes upon them
In her bright gaudy fashions
Away in the south, where her kisses reprove
She binds them tightly, to their millstones and gaffers
And sears shut their eyes, in the heat of her love

Where they wait by still waters
And sing of their troubles
The trials of courage that each life bestows
And they dream of a fountain, flowing with sweetness
While they wipe from their eyes the tears of their woes

When Dusk comes a-calling
In her scarlet and saffron
Away in the west, where the tempest still roars
She’ll wrap her limbs round them, smiling obliquely
And bleed from their eyes all of life’s rich colours.

On the Isle where men go
When their days have run weary
To the ends of their numbers, she leads them to lay
Beside the still waters, in the arms of their lovers
They rest from their labours till dawns a new day.

When Night comes upon them
Donned in lace and black satin
Away in the north, her fingers ice cold
She tears their lives from them, no longer Immortal
They stand naked babes, alone, gnarled and old

Then she lays them as gently
As sheaves of the harvest
Like seeds of the farmer, she sows where she may
To take up the pageant, the endless rehearsal
The great cosmic dance, of time and of space.

Beatrice, Bea, Bibi--That's me! said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Angela! Yes, we all have to do that occasionally. Best of luck to you!

TotalD said...

Happy Birthday Angela my dear. What a poignant and moving post .

On Oct 9th , I myself turn 51 and I think I know that feeling . Strangely enough I love this part of my life more than any time previous. I have the knowledge to look back and see the reality that was , the experience to have some ability in foresight and the common sense to take wiser steps . We are all in some sort of transition , it is constant and forever. Evolution is good . Have a wonderful day my dear.


jedi said...

Hi angela
colors are beautiful
you don't never come in france?
What a pity!!