Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hot off the press!

Pasticcio Quartz 4 is hot off the press!
We've upped the ante, with a smashing selection of work from new artists (and a few established faves) stretching the walls of our print gallery,
a complementary bookshelf brimming over with self-published and handmade volumes to surprise and delight, and some enigmatic words defined.
Guest contributors share suggestions, thoughts, and vision.
Take a leap into blog land with Lisa Hoffman,
consider the demise of the iconic Polaroid with Wally Bock,
and attend a summertime chalk art extravaganza with Corina Gerety.
Mary Beth Shaw explains why certain images bear repeating,
we have a convo with Lou Robinson - art.and.ghosts,
and you can digest it all over a slice of delectable Rose Petal Pie.
If you're already a Pasticcio fan, issue 4 is indispensable.
And if you've just heard about it, you're in for a delicious visual treat.

Here's where you will find us to order:

Pasticcio Quartz has evolved into a QUARTZ: a QUality ART Zine! A veritable treasure trove in an full color, glossy, 8.5 x 8.5 package. It is lovingly compiled, designed, mused over, laid out and written by:
Sarah Fishburn and myself

If you want us to email you when each issue is released go to: and leave us your email address.
Submissions are welcome for future issues, go to this page to see the guidelines:


Joyce said...

Just put in my order for Pasticcio 4. They've all been so wonderful and inspirational that I can't wait to see what you two have cooked up this time! I also recieved the new "Inspirations" with the AOC's take on the "Unruly Girl's Club" stamps. Great stuff.

~jolene said...

Just HAD to comment on your new blog header Angela! So COOL!

Has a "Hitchcock" feel to it!

ac said...

thanks joyce...I need to check out that article in Stampingtons Inspirations.
Now that I look at my are right...I was channeling Hitchcock...

ann h said...

This sounds like your best one yet!Art and ghosts.