Friday, May 11, 2007


Today my issue of "Somerset Life" arrived. I have an article I wrote in it called "Milestone Decantors". This was one of my favorite projects to create. I made it for my son Jesse when he turned 21. I filled a decantor with messages his family and friends had written for him for his special day. He loved it...and I thought...this idea could be made for any special let your loved one know they have people in their lives that really care about them.

Jesse's friends emailed me wonderful pearls of wisdom, poems, memories and photographs, and I created a little scroll for each persons message and placed them in the bottle.
There were so many that touched our hearts...but this one in particular was a moving snippet of wisdom that we all can take with us throughout our journey.

"We may never know exactly how we affect others, but we do. Sometimes a kind word or gesture, or a simple smile, or even a tear can make all the difference in someone's life. And when you step back and look at all those little things, you'll begin to see clearly that they all add up to one big thing...and that will be your life."

To see the article larger on my website CLICK HERE.
The whole magazine is just beautiful filled with simple things that can make your life more inspired.

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Lynn said...

What a wonderful 21st birthday gift for your son!!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...


What a Lovely, Creative Idea, I am so Blessed to have found your Blog.... I have seen your work & am Inspired.... I am ordering the book Today!

Thank You for Sharing

Anonymous said...

I have the magazine, and love it! I saw your article, and it reminded me of a little box I put together for my husband's 50th birthday. I asked friends and family to send a quote or a few words of wisdom about being 50, then I printed them and tied the pages together with ribbon. He was very touched by the thoughtful words people sent - some profound, some hilarious. I'm sure your son will always treasure his gift.

Captainsnaps said...


FrenchGardenHouse said...


I just bought that issue and the bottle is wonderful! It's a great idea that can work for so many special occasions and people.

Thanks for sharing it...


sf said...

This was crafted and then photographed so beautifully,
who WOULDN'T want to do one (many) of their own? What a treasure.

Anonymous said...

After seeing this, I am working on a smiliar thing for my son who turns 21 this month. I'm using a small tin and making it portable, for he's in Iraq, serving in the Army. Thanks so much Angela!! I have been in love with your work ever since I first saw it in Sommerset!!