Sunday, January 21, 2007

chill zone

It's been chilly here. I love it. I love putting on socks and sweaters. I like the brisk smell of the air and the energy it gives me. The days have been clear..and I have been busy. I have some bulbs on my windowsill...they are just about to bloom. Every day a little more open...everyday searching for the sun.

The end of January is almost here. That is when I will be attending the CHA Crafts and Hobby Show in Anaheim. I have several places to be...meeting in person my editor Mary Ann of In This House-A Collection of Altered Art Imagery and Collage Techniques and my second book Mixed Emulsions-Altered Art techniques for Photographic Imagery and the rest of the crew at the Rockport/Quarry Publishing booth. I'm looking forward to that. I'm also greeting the good folks at Ranger Inks and talking. Then I will be at the Stampington and Company booth #3984 11:30 on Monday morning to sign my AC Artist Papers and meet and greet...I'm looking forward to seeing all that is new out there and digging the demos...Come on by to say hi if you find yourself there. You may see a few of my Enchantresses...inspired by Theatre de La Mode dolls.

I'm very excited that it is almost Monday again so I can have my '24' adreneline rush as Jack faces his 5th hour of the day. It may be too violent for the weak of heart...a bit gross for others (what won't Jack do to escape...yuk) but I love good TV...I love good movies...and even a slip up of no blood on Jacks shirt after his encounter with the ice pick, I can excuse...cause the show is so well done. The man is super human...and the suspension of disbelief is evident. So Mondays I may have to have a glass of wine...or two, before watching Prison Break, 24, and then Heroes via Tivo...

Well I must get back to work now. I'm trying to wind up the writing on "Mixed Emulsions" I'm off to alter something artful. Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead.


Dale Anne Potter said...

Oh - how I'd LOVE to be at CHA and have a chance to meet you in person. Have been enjoying your blog and didn't realize til now that you have some books outs. I'll have to see if the library will get them (as our tight budget wouldn't allow me to buy them). HAVE FUN!!!

Captainsnaps said...

Any chance of you doing the Ray Courts show in February? I know you have a very busy schedule but it would be cool to see you there. How about Chiller in NJ in the spring?


molly jean said...

Congratulations for your new book! I will be looking forward to seeing it. I have enjoyed watching your art appear in magazines these past few years. It is intresting to see how it has evolved! Your photos are lovely. And I did not expect them to get better but I love these new ones with the emultion process. At first I looked at the one with the bulbs and thought it was a particularly beautiful block print! Molly Jean

Amanda A. Brooks said...

enjoy jack tonight. :) i'm glad you're a HEROES fan, too. i was having HEROES withdrawal. glad it's back-and STUDIO 60.

Pam Aries said...

I love your artwork! It is very inspiring to me! I am so happy you have a blog! YaY! And a new book ! Double yay! Thank you for sharing!

Midhrifs said...

You were right - '24' is a keeper! But that just means I've got plenty o'catchin up to do now. Yikes - this show's been on for years; did you know that?! Apparently I've only just put a toe in the '24' ocean. Those 4 episodes last week were my first introduction to the series. No matter; I MUST own the whole dang thing now. Off to the DVD store I go.

Thanks for being so convincing about it.