Sunday, October 08, 2006

one hundred squared

These are my 100 1x1 inch squares...they were a blast to make. I thought I would find it challenging to make something so small...but I found it inspiring. I made my mini collages on paint chips with my handpainted photographs...

Coco Celini spent the day outside chatting with the garden gnome.
If you have asked me a question...I have answered them under the comments...
Happy Columbus Day!


Anonymous said...

I really like the 5x5's...particularly the mix of colors/images and the fact that each of the individual squares isn't cut and placed in perfect alignment...this gives the work a more natural, unique, and creative feel.

Ha! That garden gnome photo reminded me of another ac-related gnome photo you shared here.

Angela, I just came across a link stating that you are scheduled to appear along with some of your acting screen siblings (Heather Menzies, Kym Karath, Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy) as well as June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, and Bob May in a Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show on Saturday and Sunday October 14/15 in Burbank California. I've never attended an autograph you recommend them to everyday fans who are not hard-core autograph/memorabilia collectors? Will you have some of your artwork for sale or will it be Hollywood photos? Take care, and thanks from fans of your art--both on and off the screen!


Anonymous said...

Your Coco story is similar to some fun my family had last summer. My parents treated the family (my siblings and spouses) to a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their 75th birthdays. My sister brought along a big-eyed doll (Timmy, I think -he's from a T.V. show - don't know which one). We had a lot of fun with that doll. We called him "Little Joey" since he reminded my brother-in-law of his boss. Little Joey took turns going everywhere with various members of our family in Vegas and had lots of pics. taken. We took pics of him sitting big-eyed strapped into an airline seat, in the kitchen at Spagos with the cooks, at the Celine concert, playing the slots, relaxing in a Jacuzzi at Caesar's, and on and on. I think we had as much fun taking Joey around to get pics of him as we did exploring Vegas! You should take Coco sometime!! IF I knew how, I'd send you one of his vacation pictures!!

Anonymous said...
Have you seen that? I don't think that's good ;(

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

I love the beautiful art squares - each one is different, but when you put them all together I think they could tell a story ... I made an art quilt once, hundreds of little squares of cut ribbons (and acrylic paint for detail) - the small things can really do a number on your eyes when you're working with them, but when you finally arrive at the finished product it is so worth it =)

Little Coco Celini looks like she's having fun, too! She's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Cartwright, One hundred squares huh. Sounds like my high school reunion. I don't know about carrying a stuffed toy on a trip. Now a four- slice toaster is another matter.Its hardy ,durable and won't leave the bathroom in a mess. Most of the time its makes a better conversationlist than a cat, so i've learned. At any rate your work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love these - so creative!

Kristen Robinson said...

Angela these are truly delightful I have been thinking about creating the 1x1 collage for some time now however with to much on my plate I think they will have to continue to wait.

Wonderful art as usual!

My Best-