Wednesday, August 30, 2006

linked by art

An article I wrote just came out in 'Belle Armoire' magazine. It's called 'Linked By Art' and is a collaboration I created with 11 artists to make a necklace that The Creative Underground will auction off for charity. It was interesting to see all the thought that went into the creation of each charm, and each one is explained in the article. Including the complete detailed description of how Lori Winters made the beautiful link necklace which is in the Salon Details part of the magazine.

The necklace is really beautiful and certainly a conversation piece with all the fantastic charms attached by some very talented artistically keep you posted with the details as soon as they are posted on their blog. It's certainly worth bidding on and it is for a good cause.

Also this month two pieces I made 'With One Stamp' for Somerset Magazine appeared in the latest issue...Odd thing is, they printed "Where The Boys Are" upside it is right side up...with my other piece called 'Live,Love,Laugh'.

The rubberstamp was created by Tiphoni and available at her stamp company Orange Bus Studios.
I found it to be a very versatile stamp to use...and I love the flourishes...

Also in this issue is an article called "New Beginnings' an article and artwork where Kim Rae Nugent created a gorgeous altered book using my transparencies that Stampington & Co. produces of my images. It's wonderful to see the many ways my artist papers can be used...and Kim created some beautiful art in her altered book.

I tell you I have been busy...Off to bed now for tomorrow I have some serious art to get down is make that later today I'll be making art...


firstborn studio said...

angela,the necklace is stunning,even better than i imagined,i can't wait to see it in print and maybe i will have the winning bid and it will be all mine!!one can hope!!!so happy to have been apart of the necklace...and linked by art!
i also love your art with one stamp...each detail.what stamp company makes that?

Kristen Robinson said...

Angela your work is so wonderful you constatnly inspire me with your artwork!

Anonymous said...

Love the stamp. I'm putting together a book chronicling my grandaughter's first year and I have been inspired with so many ideas to incorporate this piece. She turns one on Nov 1 so the order goes out today!
The necklace is so beautiful, I may have to check out that auction!

Deb said...

Angela- An absolutely wonderful article for Belle Armoire! I could not wait, and picked up a copy at our local newstand. they really did a fantastic job with the design and photography. Thanks for all your hard work. Kudos!


Shari Schwarz said...

Angela, I can't wait to see the article in person but it looks so great! Thanks so much for doing this and for asking me to be a part of the necklace. I can't wait to see how the auction goes. I feel so honored and blessed and humbled to be a part of this project with you and so many gifted artists!


Bernie Berlin said...

Hi Angela!!
I thought I would pop in and see what's new with you..
Kim Nugent is my dear friend and she will be so flattered when I tell her to peek at your blog:)
The magazine was fabulous and as always it's great to see your art.
One of these days I'll get back in the swing of things.
Blessings and Light to you..

Anonymous said...

Regarding Linked by Art, I enjoyed the photo showing Angela's and all of the wonderful charms. Angela's unique charm (with that eye-catching clasp/connection to the necklace and the beautiful design) appears to be cylindrical like a vial? I also found Shari Schwartz's "puzzle piece" to be a particularly thoughtful idea.

If the Linked by Art piece had a charm that was a Letter, you could call that charm an "Art Linkletter". OK, sorry for the bad pun, lol! I met him years ago...Mr. Linkletter is still doing very well at 94 years young.

~jolene said...

I agree with everyone on how stunning and creative the necklace is.

And -j. I liked your joke :)
I had the pleasure of seeing Art Linkletter in '05 at the Disneyland 50th Anniversary - and it is amazing how sharp he is still remains. He was always a favorite of mine in my youth when he had the show "Kid's Say The Darndest Things".

As always - Angela's art inspires us all in many ways - thank you for sharing Angela!

katie said...

this necklace is wonderful! i must get my hands on a copy of the magazine to read the article and hopefully see them all up close. i love your work!

Anonymous said...

Your article is very informative and helped me further.

Thanks, David