Sunday, February 26, 2006

Color wets my Palette

It was a colorful weekend. I took a break to attend a color theory class with Kelly Kilmer on Saturday at Zinnia's. When preparing for a show it's essential to me to take time to just absorb and Kelly's class was the perfect vehicle for that.

Color evokes emotions...
RED: passion,love,courage,respect,honor,bravery,lust,joy
ORANGE: wonder, fascination,ambition,energy,stimulation
YELLOW: friendship,love,joy,intellect,enlightenment
BLUE: sorrow,hope,faith,spirituality
GREEN: balance,healing,harmony,reconciliation
PURPLE: enchantment,nobility,leadership,power,authority
GOLD: healing
SILVER: intuition
WHITE: purity,clarity,sincerity,hope,health,enlightenment,perfection
PINK: unconditional love, need of/loss of something
GRAY: void,uncertainty
BROWN: practical,earthy,nature

I'm feeling very sienna brown today, a touch of orange and white mixed with my brown...

We played with paint, got our fingernails dirty (and our clothes) and I felt refreshed and inspired. Thanks Kelly for a good time...check out her blog if you get the chance . I swear she is one of the hardest working teachers I know. And Zinnia is a very cool store...cheers Tamara!
Isn't color one of wonders of the world?


Anonymous said...

Color is the first thing I think about when I start a project before I even think about the subject or design. There are times I even feel bad throwing out/ rinsing my palette. There are not a lot places like Zinnas around here. Looks like a neat place.


Amanda A. Brooks said...

Blue is my favorite color. Glad to know it also means hope, faith and spirituality, and not just sad. I have lots of hope, faith and spirituality.
-Amanda Brooks

Anonymous said...

Splashing color onto paper or canvas, sanding it back a bit, rubbing in some metallic pigments, now that's what I call an afternoon!