Friday, December 30, 2005 kinda town

In December my daughter Becca and I headed to Chicago for a special dinner at the beautiful Lovells of Lake Forest Restaurant in Illinois. You'll see some familiar faces in this shot, Ruth Buzzi, June Lockhart, Jon Provost, Tony Dow, Paul Peterson, Dawn Wells, Ken Osmond, Jerry Mathers, Joyce DeWitt, Larry Thomas, Kathy Garver, Russell Johnson and Charlotte Martin...Becca enjoyed hanging out with Nate Torrence the Capital One guy and the fellows from 'The Christmas Story' Scott Schwartz, RD Robb, Ian Petrella and Zach Ward. Fortunately Becca and I were able to take a few days to enjoy Chicago in the snow, shopping Michigan Avenue and enjoying the sites.

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susan n said...

This is a great website. Thanks for sharing some wonderful pictures with us. I'm wondering what the event is that has so many TV veterans gathered in one place. Looks like everybody was having a fun time!